Explorers! As we had previously discovered from a recent APK teardown (all the information here), Ludia extended the event for a seventh consecutive week!

This seventh week of Featured Dinosaurs brings in (for most) Dinos that had not previously been available as Featured Dinos. Unlike Week 6, we get a Legendary Dinosaur in Week 7: Utasinoraptor!


Although we do not get new Dinos this week (again), we certainly get stronger and even more useful Dinos! Here they are in order from left to right. Please note that unlike past weeks, we have a combination of Dinos appearing throughout multiple days. So a projected schedule is:

Monday+Tuesday (24 attempts in total)

Lythronax Deinocheirus
Lythronax Deinocheirus
Wednesday+Thursday+Friday (15 attempts in total)

Saturday (3 attempts)


Sunday (1 attempt)

Special Event Rework – MUST READ

The Special Event will work as follows:

  • You have a set amount of hours to collect DNA from the Featured Dinos, as indicated on the event dino/drop once you open them;
  • Cycles always begin 10:00 a.m. EDT and last for however many hours indicated on that day;
  • During the given time period, there will be 1-3 different Featured Dinos and you will have a combined amount of attempts for the Dinosaurs together! For example, if you need more Sarco DNA then Tany DNA, you could do 20 Sarco attempts and only 4 Tany! Vice versa, if you need more Tany DNA than Sarco DNA, you could do more Tany attempts than Sarcos;
  • The number of attempts are as the same as the last few weeks, except possibly Rares, which they have updated. Note that you have to add the number of attempts assigned to the first Featured Dino’s Tier with the one from the second Featured Dino’s Tier to know how many attempts you will have.
  • Another unreported update is that Ludia seemingly has increased Rare attempts to 5 each.
  • Number of attempts based on the Tiers:
    • Common: 12
    • Rare: 5
    • Epic: 3
    • Legendary: 1
    • Unique: 1


Which Dinos to focus on during Week 7 of the event?

Week 7 is obviously going for Utarinex! Unlike previous weeks where other Legendaries were also possible, Week 7 seems to be focused around Utarinex. Potentially since it is not a Dinosaur that one will encounter as often as other Uniques in the Arena. So, unlike previous weeks, having only one Dinosaur to work towards simplifies our analysis.

DeinocheirusFor Commons, use most of your attempts on the Dinosaur that you see the less. For most, it should be Deinocheirus. None of them currently have any Hybrid, however since Speed is still an important element in the Arena, Deinocheirus will prove more useful than Lythronax.

UtahraptorFor the Rares, things are a bit trickier. A good argument could be made for each. Proceratosaurus is a decent Rare in the game and since it can only be obtained in the Arena, you could go for it here. However, it has no hybrids, so its potential is lower. Dracorex now spawns in the wild, but you will require A LOT of its DNA to get Utarinex, so if you ever want that Unique, you’d better be out there farming Dracorex! Utaraptor is great Rare itself, and also has 2 direct Hybrids, and 2 more indirect ones. Therefore, it is a highly used Dino in every aspect. Our final advice? 8 Dracorex and 7 Utahraptor, or at least split your 15 attempts into these two.

SinoceratopsThe Epic Sinoceratops on Saturday is undoubtedly a no brainer. It is extremely rare in the wild, and it is also quite rare in Incubators. It is required to be level 15 in order to begin fusing DNA for Utasinoraptor, so do not waste a single dart!

UtasinoraptorThe Legendary Utasinoraptor on Sunday is also a no brainer. Legendaries are too difficult to create/evolve to not collect any of its DNA. You will have one single attempt, and it won’t be easy, but even 5 DNA is worth going out to get it!

New Incubators in the store

Week 6 Incubators are now gone, and we have two new Incubators in the store to replace them.

First, we have the usual Rare Incubator which contains this week’s showcase! Considering how this week’s most interesting Dinos from the entire Showcase are spread out through Rares, Epics, and Legendaries, unlike last week, it might be best to avoid this Incubator. However, Dracorex DNA is very tempting, and Rare Incubators are less expensive than Epic Incubators. Therefore, if you really wish to purchase one, the Rare Incubator is the best option this week. However, we still believe that Incubators are generally overpriced and that it’s always best to simply go out and hunt!

Second, we have our themed Incubator, which is an Epic this week and showcases Dinosaurs with Stun! Therefore, one should expect to obtain Dinosaurs such as the followings:

Stun is a very useful and powerful effect in the current meta-game, which is why this Incubator is very tempting. However, considering how many possibilities there are, people looking for specific Dinosaurs’ DNA should avoid this Incubator as they might be very disappointed if they get DNA that no one wants such as Iguanodon, Tenontosaurus, etc. We maintain the same opinion via Incubators: we prefer playing and grinding over spending money (even though we allow ourselves to buy a few now and then).

There currently isn’t any deal on Cash and/or Coins, but it wouldn’t be surprising for one to pop-up throughout the week. We will keep you posted on that end!

Parting Words

We are very excited to know that we have a seventh week of Featured Dinosaurs to look towards for! Even though we are only given an shot at one Legendary, unlike last week where we had a shot at three, this week we at least get a shot at creating a Unique!

What do you guys think of this roster? If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join the MetaHub’s Discord server!