Explorers, yesterday, without a single warning or hint, Ludia dropped their update patch notes for the upcoming massive update for Jurassic World Alive. It has some truly exciting content in there! If you left the game or were on the fence about trying it out, well, hesitate no more! Ludia is listening to your feedback and this update is undoubtedly the proof!

This article will go over new and updated gameplay features, and we will cover the changes related to Battles in a separate article. There is no set date for the release of this massive update. Pocemon and BoonSlevin joined forces for this one, it’s just that massive!

For the patch notes from Ludia, click here.

Disclaimer: This article contains a lot of speculations since the patch notes do not provide all the information and details. Furthermore, even though we have early access to the update, we cannot share anything outside of what is stated in the patch notes. One thing we can say: Patch Notes are not big enough of hype!

Disclaimer 2: We are not sponsored by Ludia in any way, shape or form. We are not paid by Ludia to promote their content. We genuinely believe that this update is incredbile and will make Jurassic World Alive the best AR game on the current market!

New Dinosaurs

First of all, we are getting 11 new Dinosaurs! Among those, we find the widely requested Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus, along with Giraffatitan, Ornithomimus and Gryposuchus will be new regular non-hybrids creatures in the game.

Furthermore, Ludia will also seemingly be introducing new Hybrids! Among those, we find the Diloranosaurus (Legendary), for which we are the most excited about: which we speculate (based off the name) will be created from Dilophosaurus Gen 2 and Ouranosaurus and therefore will most likely be a Legendary. Other new Hybrids include:

Keep in mind that we do not know the recipes for these new Dinosaurs yet, but these are our speculations for the time being.

Editor’s note: We updated the recipes based on the images that were released after we first published this article. We also updated Sarcorixis’s recipe based on your feedback, since it makes a lot of sense for it to be made from Sarcosuchus and Einiasuchus!

New Features


One of the biggest new features in this update: Achievements! Unlike some other game, which we will not name, it won’t have taken long for Ludia to introduce the concept of missions into the game. Under Player Level, a new menu will be made available. Players will be rewarded with Cash, which is great news for Free to play players! We have yet to find out how much Cash will be rewarded and how these achievements will work, but with over 30 available, one can certainly be excited!

Seasonal Tournaments

Another new upcoming feature are the Seasonal Tournaments. There is no information in the patch notes at the moment.

We could potentially be getting some Bosses (boosted Dinosaurs, similar to Jurassic World The Game) spread out through some sort of gyms on the map that people will need to defeat worldwide together. Once defeated a specific amount of times, players would be rewarded with an Incubator containing DNA towards this boosted Dino and potentially other cool rewards! Or, this could be something similar to Raid Bosses in Pokémon GO where players will have to fight together to defeat a boosted Dinosaur in order to have a chance at collecting DNA for it. We somehow hope for the latter.

Regardless of the route Ludia takes for Jurassic World Alive’s Seasonal Tournament, this is in incredibly great way to bring the community together!


From a first read of the patch notes, it seems like we are getting increased spawn rates, especially with Rares and Epics! Increased spawn rates are always welcomed with open arms! In addition to that, we would be getting more supply drops, with double the rewards for VIP. Ludia also states that they will change Drops to a nice distinguishable Orange colour, which will make them harder to miss! More visual effects like night, day, dawn, and dusk will also be added to make the map more realistic and delightful to the eye. We don’t know at this time if spawns will have dusk and dawn influences, but considering how early dawn often is, let’s hope that they won’t!

A new PvE mode will also be added, which is very exciting! Ludia calls it a Strike Event. These battles will take place all over the map, much like some other AR game. They will be longer battles and will have great rewards upon completing each step. There also will be a Grand Prize at the end, so let’s all start honing our PvE battle skills! If you lose, don’t worry, you’ll have a set amount of retries you could use. However, as Ludia states, “this team will become stronger with each new battle!”

Another very important feature will finally allow players to flag dangerous supply drops or spawns, so that players will stay safe while playing the game. Remember, safety is the most important part of this game!

Social Feature

We asked and Ludia answered! They’ve added Friends and Friendly battles! You will be able to add your friends into the game and invite them over for a challenge battle! These will not affect the leaderboard, and during those battles, Dinosaurs’ level will be set to 26, the standard level for the game. Therefore, there won’t be any level disparities when challenging your friends to a battle! Skills and knowledge will matter the most!

Parting Words

Our voices have been heard! Like most of you, our first reaction to the update is extremely positive! It seems like Ludia has been receiving all our feedback very well and is willing to listen to the community afterall! We are truly happy to see that some of the features are almost directly aimed towards balancing the game between Free to play players and those able to spend some money on the game. We cannot say the same for another big AR game, can we!

This is the first part of our reaction to the recent patch notes posted by Ludia. A second part will be posted here soon. Our discord has been very busy today, so join the discussion here! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for your latest Jurassic World Alive and other AR Game News.


  1. I think it could be cool to have dawn/dusk specific dinosaur spawns, but that’s because I’m a morning person who gets to work by 7 am (which is also where there are a lot of dinosaurs nearby). If they gave a 2 hour window each around dawn and dusk in which rare, epic, or even hybrid dinosaurs spawned, that would be an interesting new facet to the gameplay.

    • I wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, and never saw dawn with my early access. 😉 While I agree that it would be interesting to see, it would make some Dinosaurs impossible to obtain for some players.

      • That’s a fair point, like maybe players who work nights and get home mid morning or something like that. How would you feel about them doing something like increasing the spawn rate of some commons during that time to make it easier for anyone who can to get certain things? Also, the window could be like 3 hours (6-9 local time). I’m just trying to think of something cool that they could do that would benefit the most players possible.

  2. I’m also excited about the ability to flag locations because there are a few near where I go regularly that you simply can’t access due to being in hard-to-reach or even restricted areas. One question, though, is whether you can win any rewards for battling your friends? Even if it were limited to like 3 a day, that would be SOMETHING.

  3. Really nice to Diplotator being added to the game. It was one my favourite hybrids from Jurassic World: The Game. Also nice to see the map will change throughout the day.

    Hopefully in the near future weather conditions like snow, rain, cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny, and fog will be added into the game. Kind of like in Pokémon Go.

  4. Diplotator: a hybrid of Diplocaulus gen 1 and irritator gen 2 seeing as its a rare, which is only made by 2 commons.
    Ankylocodon: Ankylosaurus Gen 2 and Ophiacodon for the same reasons as diplotator
    Dilouranosaurus: This ones a bit trickier seeing as whatever dino you add would make an epic into a legendary, but due to the colouring I wanna say Dilophosaurus gen 2 and ouranosaurus
    Monomimus: Monolophosaurus GEN 1 seeing as its the only way to get to legendary, but whether it’s gallimimus or struthiomimus is beyond me
    Tuoromoloch: Tuoplomolochs real name revealed
    Sarcorixis: I actually don’t know but I’m just gonna assume it’s Sarniasuchus real name revealed