Jurassic World Alive: First thoughts on the Battle Arena in the new update (v. 1.3.11)

If you’ve been apart from Jurassic World: Alive for a little while, you should definitely download the new patch. Aside from increased spawn rates, more stops, and all sorts of upcoming PvE content, they’ve also rebalanced the meta in two words.

Superiority Strike.

Here’s what the move does:

Superiority Strike Cleanse self. Deal 1x damage.

Target”s speed -33% for 1 turn.

Now, we here at Metahub are still digging into the stats, modeling battle scenarios, and reshuffling our Tier list, but while we do that, I’d like to give you some initial thoughts on the new state of the Arena.

Raptor [ex]Meta:

With the addition of Superiority Strike, it is now possible for a NUMBER of dinosaurs (seriously, see the list below), to both cleanse the effects of Pounce (50% damage reduction) away and slow the opposing raptor for one turn, just long enough to kill it on your next turn with your new priority.

So the days of Pounce/Strike/Kill or perpetual Pounce and Swap are over. If you find yourself facing one of those Speed Breed’s, just open with Superiority Strike and watch the magic happen.

Dinosaurs with Superiority Strike:

The Indo Issue

Our very favorite trio of Indo’s (Indominus Rex, Indoraptor and Erlidominus) has also been given a favorable counter. Gone are the days of Cloak and Armor Piercing Rampage one-shots. Now, any dinosaur with Nullifying Strike can indeed get rid of a cloak (and that positive effect of 2x damage that goes with it).

I’m still a little hazy in the arena on Cloak. It doesn’t appear to be working quite right, as I am not seeing 2x damage from the Armor Piercing Rampage compounded by an additional 2x damage for the first move after Cloak. It seems as if the second 2x is not functioning quite right. None of my armored dinosaurs are being one-shotted anymore like normal. It could be a temporary issue or just a glitch I’m experiencing.

Regardless, there is a counter for cloak, and keeping dinos on your squad with Nullifying Strike is a good plan.

The Beef Still Has Teeth

Many of the usual suspects are still dominant in the arena space. Stegodeus, Stegoceratops, Tragodisis has been buffed, Allosinosaurus and Utasinoraptor are still great. Really any of the above dinos with Superiority Strike are going to work well on your team.

The New Additions: Surf’s Up for Spinosaurs

Notably, we’ve discovered a few new creatures that have some really great value in the arena these days. Pyrritator is starting to seem more and more like a upper tier dino. Magnapyrrator (if you’ve got ’em) is another extremely useful beast. But both of these had utility before in some capacity. Now it’s just increased.

The big (and welcome) surprise has been the Spinosaurs. Both the classic Spinosaurus and the Spinosaurus Gen 2 have been substantially improved. Spinosaurus is the only dino to date that has two stacking damage over time moves. Just take a look at this –

Spinosaurus Moves

Exploit Wound Target Vulnerable this turn, next 2 turns. DoT 1x 2 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn

Strike Deal 1x damage.
Wounding Strike Deal 1x damage. Inflict .5x damage per turn for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 1 turn

That’s some hurt that can last for a painful 3 turns.

Parting Words

There’s a lot left to learn. Personally, I have yet to dive into the Rexes deeply, but have begun experimenting with the counter-attack class with some success in the arena. The rebalance certainly did it’s job, making useful what was once not useful at all. And it’ll be exciting to see how the Meta evolves as we continue forward.

Well done Ludia. And get ready, Metahubbers, because we’ve got a lot more guides to write, and I have no doubt Ludia has more twists and turns for us around the corner! If you want to join in the hunt and conversation, check out our Discord!

Now get out there and do some battle!


  1. Personally, I’ve found the arena to be WAY harder now. It feels less balanced now than it ever did before (personally). Nerfing the raptors really bugs me because they were never a major problem for me and I relied on them for some damage output. Since the update, I’ve regularly been losing 5-8 battles in a row when before it was 2 or 3 max, usually.

    • The unbalance you’re really feeling is encountering a wider variety of dinosaurs than you are used to encountering. Everyone’s core team was essentially built around raptors. Now they’re experimenting and trying new things. It allows for a wide variety of dinos to be used instead of just one class having superiority. I hear what you’re saying about losing. We’re working on a bunch of articles to help out in that regard! The changes in this patch were substantial and affected a ton of dino stats, so there’s a lot to learn about how the Meta has evolved.

  2. I’ve found in the arena opponets literally just spam superiority strike. I get it’s a valid tactic but come on! Use something else! Have some variety in your moves! Made me love my immune dinos so much more

    • Very true!
      But two opponents with superiority strike actually makes it less beneficial. In that case, the slower dino cleanses, then slows the opponent. So two dinos back and forth spamming superiority strike will end up just trading priority. Spamming SS alone is really only useful in my opinion if you need two smaller strikes before you have a move that will kill, but even then most of the other toolkit should be stronger and better for taking out an opponent. But I’ve noticed a well placed superiority strike on something with damage over time or a slowing move is quite nice!