Version 1.4 had a decent size shakeup to the balances for many Dinos. Although not as much as last patch, many of these balances are quite critical and even game-changing. Here we’ll list out a few notable changes, but we we won’t go over every change as that isn’t necessary.

Unique Dinos


Tuoramoloch caught quite the shaft this time, it had one of the greatest damage nerfs in the history of this game, from 1400 to 960, with a mere 300 hp boost which cannot in any way compensate for that damage nerf. It still has a great kit, but it just doesn’t do what it used to do anymore.


Utahrinex was one of the lucky uniques to actually get a buff. Other than the obvious 100 damage boost, it also benefits greatly from the Instant Charge delay reduction. Prior to this, Utahrinex is forced to use it’s basic attack on turn 2, which is much of a waste of move and a hindrance as it can very easily allow the opponent to set up on them, but now it has an option on turn 2, which takes it from the worst Unique, to a very decent alternative to Diloranosaurus.


Diorajasaur finally got a decent buff. Although it’s damage got nerfed a bit, from 1000 to 900, it did get Swap In Ferocity, which automatically gives Diorajasaur 50% more damage on a swap in. Paired with it’s counter-attack ability, it really rewards players now for taking risks and finding openings in their opponent’s move sequences.



Our poor, poor Diloranosaurus finally got the shaft. This time it was even harder than the last one. It had it’s damage decreased from 1400 to 1100, making a lot of people drop it as soon as they saw the numbers. Although Diloranosaurus’s moveset is still great and it’s other stats are still nice, it does lose quite a bit of pressure that it used to have against opponents.


AllosinosaurusAllosinosaurus is finally back! It’s new moves, Defense Shattering Strike and Defense Shattering Impact surely make it one of the best tank busters in the game right now. The buff to Instant charge helps a lot too. With its high base damage stat, that instant charge can deal some serious damage. Just so they make it clear that they’re buffing Allosinosaurus, they even gave it a damage boost to 1500 damage.


UtasinoraptorUtasinoraptor only had it’s damage stat changed to 1500, but that really makes quite a difference. It’s decent speed paired up with two impact moves and a buffed instant charge gives it a decent amount of survivability to deal out some nice damage.


Spinotahsuchus clearly got a buff this patch, that’s for sure. It had it’s damage increased 120 points and got the new bleed moves. Just looking at the Dino itself it is a strong Dino, but it still gets heavily countered by Superiority Strike and other cleansing moves. Despite that, it’s 129 speed and high damage can still pick up quite a few important 128 speed Dino kills.


Pyrrirator got what it needed – 129 speed. While this was only one point extra in speed, that one extra point help it kill so many Dinos it used to never have a chance against. It now can take down Magnapyritor, outspeed Indo, speed tie with Spinotahsuchus, and Monomimus, paired with it’s two Rampages, it sure is worth picking up in certain situations where the field is clear of slowers.



StegoceratopsOne of the most important Epic changes has been made to Stegoceratops. It had it’s speed decreased to 110, which makes it lose out to the Megalosuchus and Ankntrosaurus matchups. It got 5% more in armor but 210 less in Health, which is not the best tradeoff. It’s still a nice Dino to use, but you’ll have to use it more carefully now.


GorgosuchusGorgosuchus got the short end of the stick this patch. It had it’s damage slightly reduced but more importantly, had it’s Adrenaline Surge replaced with Cleansing Impact, which takes away it’s chance of beating Stegodeus, now a +1 level Stegodeus has a 100% chance of killing Gorgosuchus as it can’t fight back on Turn 2 at all now.


Sarcorixis got an interesting change. It gained swap in defense, which makes it become a swap in option. It had it’s health reduced a bit and had a decent attack boost. Although it did lose an Impact move for a strike, so we really can’t say for certain how this change will impact it at the moment.


Parting Words

This update sure did shake up the scene a bit! It balanced a lot of Legendary and Unique Dinos as they start to become more and more available to more people. We wanted to bring you an overview of some important changes as we go over the tier list for this patch, which will be admittedly quite difficult.

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  1. I’m truly sad about Gorgosuchus.
    It was a good dino but not unbeatable or rampaging across all tiers. Really don’t see the reason four double nerf.

    Still what boggles my mind even more is what they did to T-rex. Anyone got explanation? 😀 Poor guy wasn’t even mentioned here.

    • I’m not really following what you mean with T-Rex…why is it boggling your mind? The exchange of armor piercing strike for defense shattering strike at the cost of 1% (roughly) damage isn’t a downgrade…a sidegrade really.

      • They decreased T-rex attack (even if just really slightly) for an attack that is never used anyway. Honestly who, from these using T-rex ever get a chance or had reason to use it?
        The dino was already hard to use and need something to work at least slightly better and what they do? Go away with a little bit of his damage and change aspect that isn’t useable at all.
        It’s a good choice for Gen 2, but the epic one? Changes like this makes you wonder if the dev ever used the dino 😀
        But my biggest issue is that they touched one of the most iconic dinos but didn’t change anything! Well, even slightly nerfed him.

        • T-Rex isn’t really that hard to use. It is a more niche dinosaur though, and as such should be treated as such. She’s definitely not the glass canon that Velociraptor is, but more like a piece of siege equipment. Slow, heavy, strong as all get out, able to survive a hit or two, but isn’t going to last long under fire.
          I have to disagree though really. There’s been more than once I’ve used my T-Rex’s Defense Shattering Impact, then Rampage…and somehow she’s still alive (usually to good RNG or bad playing on my opponents part). Before, that’s all an opponent had to do was trot out something that was quicker and could put up a shield and all of a sudden this big, bad T-Rex became a large mosquito for a turn. All in all, I think that 1% loss of attack for the ability for nothing to really be safe from taking a potentially large hit at any time is a good trade off. Considering her high crit chance, that means no matter what from a lvl 15 T-Rex (if she lives that long and has the chance to use her sole remaining move), she’s going to do a min of roughly 1k dmg, with a solid chance of inflicting 1.5k dmg.
          So yes, it was a slight nerf to the overall attack value, but at worst with the change to moves it was a sidegrade…I’d even consider it a slight upgrade. And if you’ve never had the chance to use T-Rex to get that deep into using her to ever needing to use Strike, I might respectfully suggest either re-evaluate how/when you use her in battle, or that you may need to level her up further (seriously, not sarcastic there).

          • No hard feeling. I don’t mind intelligent discussion 😉

            But to address your points.
            Niche is often just a nice word for “hard to use”. T-rex is excellent against shielding armored dino and also against most of the sauropods (high hp, sometimes shield) given that if T-rex is doing something right, it’s dealing damage given how often she can crit.
            But in a lot of cases you’re glad to even get to use her Rampage.
            Also the biggest issue here is that Impact cooldown is one round. Rampage cd is also one round.

            You will NEVER use just the Strike attack. Honestly, I went into the game just to check it again to be sure. I ignored the description and tested it against a friend. Both stronger attack got 1 round cd…
            Metahub got the description wrong.

            So yes, I was right. What they did was just slight nerf but still a nerf. Changing the strike attack to its better variant does nothing, and I’m sad about that, since there were many people crying for making T-rex stronger/better/more useable and the company seems to listen to the player feedback in most cases.

            Also I had T-rex on my team all the way through the Raptor meta, when one can easily argue she was even worse than currently against the tank meta… But honestly? It was easier to make use of her against the rarely encountered raptor counter, than against so many over-boosted tanks as they currently are.
            Only recently I changed her for another dino with heavy heart 🙂 I truly like her and she won me so many matches against shield and invicibility that I truly love her. But there are sadly too many better shield shattering dinos. Especially as I’m battling enemies on average 3-4 higher leveled than my team

  2. Actually, now that GORGOSUCHUS doesn’t have surge, it cant be countered with superiority strike when stegodeus users predict the cleanse

    Using cleansing impact could be used to save defense shattering while still doing damage and as long as stegodeus doesnt get a critical, you’ll usually survive

    • Sadly, the issue with cleansing impact is that your base speed is higher and you won’t get to use it in time.

      You go first against most of the tanks. Using Cleansing Impact is meaningless here.
      So you go with the usual Ferocious Strike, and then you’re slowed. With the Priority heal you could cleanse yourself, survive the second strong attack and then finish opponent next round.
      Now? You’re slowed, try to go for Cleansing impact but are finished before your dino get a turn.

      The situation when it’s actually useful is really minor -> when you can finish enemy dino anyway but also get rid of some debuff.

  3. Spinotahraptor is working great against some tanks now and especially those stegoceratops. It still can’t kill one by itself but the new gashing wound cripples stegoceratops causing it to lose .6+ of it’s max hp before spinotahraptor is killed leaving it wide open to an easy kill.