Explorers! Ludia has officially announced Week #18’s list of featured dinosaurs! This week will still feature a few “birds” (in case you missed any these last two weeks…) But also features other dinos with a Counter Attack Theme! With the new tournament starting up and everyone fighting their way up through the arenas, it never hurts to have some good Counter Attack Dino’s on your team!

Monday + Tuesday (24 Attempts)



Wednesday + Thursday + Friday (30 Attempts)






Saturday + Sunday (9 Attempts)




Which Dinos to focus on?

For the Commons, neither of these dino’s hold too much value in the current meta. The Majundasaurus hybrid Majundasuchus however, did just get a nice bump up into the survivor tier in Metahubs 1.4 Tier List! With 24 attempts in two days and Special Event Supply Drops spread throughout the map now, we recommend darting what you see. Perhaps there is a Lynthronax hybrid in the works too? You never know…

For the Rares, Megalosaurus seems like an obvious pick, it is an ingredient for Megalosuchus after all, but if you do think you have enough Megalosaurus DNA, Dsungaripterus might seem like a Dino you would want to go after too, solely due to the nature that it isn’t a Dino that spawns in the wild at all. One Dino we’d advise you steer clear from, however, is Majundasuchus, since it isn’t the most optimal way to use Magundasuchus DNA. The optimal way to treat Magundasuchus DNA and other rare hybrid DNA is to fuse for them, since they aren’t hard to gather and give the best EXP/Coin outcome.

For the Epics, Rajasaurus seems like the obvious choice here. While Raja is a good Alpha tier dino all on its own, it also fuses to become the Apex Rajakylosaurus and eventually leads to the sought after Apex Diorajasaur! Unfortunately, Raja is not usually the hold up in obtaining these Apex Dinos, as we never seem to have enough Ankylosaurus to fuse all that we want to fuse! Concavenator is a good specialist dino but does not have any hybrids and is also one of the more common Epic dino’s to find in the wild. While Pteranodon is a decent specialist, we have seen quite a lot of it flying around this week in our strike events, and it also does not currently have any hybrids.

RECAP: How Do Featured Dinosaurs Work?
1. You have a set number of hours to collect DNA from the Featured Dinos, as indicated on the        Special Event Supply Drop once you open them.
2. Cycles always begin at 10:00 a.m. EDT and last for however many days indicated by Ludia.
3. Number of attempts is based on the dinosaurs Tier:
    Common: 12   Rare: 6   Epic: 3   Legendary: 1   Unique: 1
4. During the given time period, there will be anywhere from 1-5 different Featured Dinos and you will have a combined number of attempts for the Dinosaurs together! For example, If Ludia gives us two common dinos to choose between, you will have 24 attempts. If you need more of Dino A DNA then Dino B DNA, Do more attempts on Dino A! Or vice versa!

Parting Words

Once again this is not the most exciting week, but there are perhaps a few certain dinos that you have been looking for, and now is your chance! Never a bad idea to have a Counter Attack Dino on your team! What do you think about this week? Which Dinos will you be darting? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest Jurassic World Alive News and join the discussion on our Discord!


  1. Do not underestimate Lythronax! I can’t tell you how many battles mine has won, at L20 it’s got enough bulk and bite to pull off some surprises. The only reason I don’t use Concavenator is because it has much less HP and can’t take a hit as well.

  2. I got some weird (bad)luck with DNA.
    I got enough Irritator DNA but always lack Pyroraptor to level Pyrritator (and before that to just even get it in the first place).
    I’m also waiting with ‘enough’ Ankylo DNA to finally get my hands on some Rajasaurus who I’m glad to even have at all (level 11)! 😀
    Truly glad we got three epics so there will be nice number of attempts.

    • Please Pay for the DNA or wait until next P2w tournament …I m search for Ankylo for few weeks after last activities…and get nothing….you have to get them in the right place and right time is just sucks