Explorers! If you haven’t already noticed, there have been some new and interesting Strike Events that are popping up all over the map! We at Metahub do have some exciting first-hand info on these events, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Will these be a regular event from now? We can’t tell thus far.

What Are They?

First of all, they’re just like regular Strike Events where you’ll need to beat a certain amount of AI controlled Dinos to get the rewards in each step. Usually, Strike Events will reward Incubators with certain DNA and such, but these new scent events reward… Scent Capsules. Here’s a refresher on how to use Scent Capsules. 


From the info that we’ve gathered, there should be 3 types of Scent Strikes with varying rewards. There is always a minimum guaranteed reward, which is plainly the worst reward you could get, and then you have a chance of getting a jackpot reward, which is the maximum reward you could get. Make sure to check out our complete Scent Capsules guide right here to understand what each of them will grant you! The rewards for each Scent Strike are as follows:

Small Event

Minimum Guaranteed: Regular Small Common Capsule
Maximum Prize: Rare Scent Capsule

Standard Event

Minimum Guaranteed: Large Common Capsule
Maximum Prize: Epic Scent Capsule (However, these will have a lower chance of being rewarded)

Large Event

Minimum Guaranteed: Large Common Capsule
Maximum Prize: Epic Scent Capsule (Get hyped, as these will have a higher chance of being rewarded!)

Parting Words

Scent Capsules are a really exciting addition to the game, and now that players have a free alternative to obtaining them, it’s even more exciting! No one should miss out on those!

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