Dragalia Lost Halloween event leaked by data miners

Trick or Treasure Dragalia Lost event
Trick or Treasure Dragalia Lost event

Roughly 8 hours ago, Dragalia Lost data miners have found a series of images that shows an upcoming Trick or Treasure event! Monobear, a reddit user, has summarized all of the findings in one handy image that we’re sharing below (huge image alert):

Dragalia Lost Trick or Treat event
Dragalia Lost Trick or Treat event

Important event information:

  • New Halloween-themed Adventurers, Dragons, and Wyrmprints!
  • New Sweet Retreat Building that powers up light-based adventurers.
  • New Event Quests and Boss Battles!
  • Halloween Elisanne will be available
  • Halloween Althemia will be available
  • Halloween Edward will be available
  • Halloween Silke will be available as a special dragon
  • New Halloween themed weapons and a new event building: sweet retreat

Credits for the majority of these discoveries goes to Dragalia Lost discord and zeroetanaru.

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