This week has been an exciting one in the world of Jurassic World: Alive! For those of you who haven’t had a keen eye on Metahub or the Ludia forums over the week, let us fill you in on some details!

Halloween Events Incoming

About a month ago, Ludia sent a survey via in-game mail that asked us to identify the scariest dinosaurs we face in the arena. We all wondered if this might have something to do with the approaching holiday, but we weren’t certain.

But this week, Ludia announced on their forum that they’ve got some scary events in store for us! New content is always a welcome surprise, especially when it’s seasonally focused.

There will be fear-based-scents that draw in scary dinosaurs. There will be some extra-frightening strike events with varying levels of difficulty. And who knows… maybe more.

It all starts on Monday, October 22nd, so get ready for a fun ride!

Read our full post on Halloween Details by clicking here.

Tournament Season Two

The second official tournament ends on the morning of October 22nd (at least it’s morning for me). The fast way to check how much time is remaining in your timezone is to click the mail icon on any in-game screen and click on the “News” tab to see the Tournament announcement. It’ll have a countdown there with the number of hours of tourney play remaining.

If you’re wondering what the rewards are for the tournament, or whether you should be trying to gain trophies and get to the next tier of rewards, check out our article on the subject here.

We’d guess it’ll still take a few days for rewards to get sent out, so be patient once the tournament completes. This round of the tournament saw a severe reduction in identified-spoofer accounts allowed to battle in the tournament and that made this tournament, at least for many of us, much more enjoyable. We look forward to future improvements in the next seasons to come.

Cash/Coin Sale In Store

We’ve been begging for some cash and coin sales for a while, and we finally got some pretty darn good ones. And better yet, none are exclusive to VIP members. So we can all take full advantage of these deals!

For those budget-conscious, the small cash sale is pretty rad. You get 750 cash for $4.99, which is a 50% increase. The other cash sale is also alright, 25% bonus cash for $49.99, but it’s a bit on the high side. As usual, the one time offers tend to be the best all-around deal, but these cash sales can be helpful for those of us who spend a little money on the game but already level-capped and don’t get any more one-time offers.

The coin sale is definitely a good one for those with the hard cash to spare. Coins are definitely hard to come by as you continue to level up, and it’s not like coins are always on sale, so might be worth it.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, it was a pretty good week. Looking forward to what comes next for tournaments, for strike events and for future themed-events around holidays etc.

Good luck out there!

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