Season two of the Jurassic World Alive tournament is finally over, and many competitive DPG members are breathing a big sigh of relief!

Many of us are entering the arena for the first time in 24 hours, 48 hours, or even a few days now that the rankings are done, just to hold a spot that earns rewards!

One thing is for certain — this season was far more competitive and more difficult than last, which was pretty amazing. Our Discord (really, you should join the discussion on our Discord) was a complete flurry of nerves as people tried to decide if they could hang on to their rank. It was a sight to behold.

And now that it’s all over, it seems fitting to congratulate those who finished in the top 500. Sadly, we only thought to grab these results after the rankings changed, and we were only able to piece together the top 50.

So we’ll start with that and maybe next season we’ll grab the top 500 in its entirety.

Housekeeping Notes

First off, we want to congratulate everyone who ranked in the tournament, who had enough trophies to get a reward, or who just plain participated and had a blast!

Secondly, we want to stress that these results are unofficial. We just took screenshots of the top 50 directly after the final “refresh” (you’ve got two minutes before the rankings change again). So we reserve the right to be wrong. I’m pretty sure we have it right, but the disclaimer is still necessary. The list did not come from Ludia.

Cool? Cool! Let’s post the results!

The Top 50 From Season Two!

Congrats again to the winners and everyone in the top 50! Looking forward to the next Season!




  1. With all the respect, I find this post is very unfriendly and unnecessary.

    Why do you only post Top 50? Are those the only people who deserves mentionjg the names? You can argue that there is no space to post all Top 500, but what’s the point of only showing them? Many of us battled so hard and topped 500 and actually every one of us deserves the mention.

    I don’t understand why Metahub found important to let everyone know the Top 50, maybe because this post writer is on the list, as well as several other Metahub writers are on the list.

    Please kindly consider that many players fought hard during the tournament and everyone is a hero. No need to outstand the Top 50 and they may not even better than the next 50 people.

    • Hi Leo,

      It’s great input. I do indeed mention that exact notion in my post when I say the following –

      “it seems fitting to congratulate those who finished in the top 500. Sadly, we only thought to grab these results after the rankings changed, and we were only able to piece together the top 50.”

      Since rankings change so quickly, we only have a 2 minute window to video 10 pages worth of rankings and we weren’t really planning on doing anything. But someone had captured the top 50, so we figured we’d start there and see if people had interest in a top 500 article for next tournament.

      Do you feel an article with the top 500 would be worthwhile? If so, I’ll happily make sure we are more organized next season to capture it all and post it all.

      • Thanks for your reply. I think you miss my point.

        What’s the point of posting Top 50 here in the first place? Why are those people worth mentioning? If you can’t mention all the top 500, stop posting something like this. It’s unfair to other hard players. It’s not about if you can post all of them but why you want to show the world the Top 50. Everyone can just check the lead board and know about it. If you choose to congrats congrats all. If you can’t, don’t post.

        Also to the discord member Vulcan, be a man and say your words here. Don’t talk behind my back on discord. You don’t care and it’s your business and you have no right to judge others.

        • Sounds like you got a little salt there bud. Remember we all worked hard. I’m completely FtP and got into the tournament at the lowest level. I worked harder than anyone at the top who paid to even claim a spot. Not to mention I’m not old enough to drive either, I use my bike. Been playing since august and am lvl 15 without paying AND in the tournament but you don’t see me whining about not getting a shoutout for MY hard work.

          • Anyone can work really hard and start playing in August so why are you making them sound like counterpoints? Also I just bought VIP so technically not FtP anymore, but the point still stands

        • Honestly while it would be nice to mention all who received rewards it’s not really plausible. Maybe with ludia help but I doubt it and if you want to guess why check a sport events result.
          In the ned it’s all about the winners and honestly top 50 is better than top 10 or just first 3 spots 😉

    • I’m happy to see (via earlier posts) that the top players and winners of the previous event, are actually legit players. Well done. Probably at some costs, but hey, you have to spend your money somewhere, why not a game that brings enjoyment to you. Hopefully going towards the developers of this game who have done an amazing job in making a game which has improved on every aspect of PoGo (and also being original in the deviations of that game which I loved also, but have left it after 2 level 40 accounts, for this game).

    • I think it’s not broken. Let’s say that you’ve somehow got to 6k trophies. Since that point, you will face different level players, some of them will have 6k but others will have 5800 or 5500. Past 8000 trophies you can’t see a large variety of players so you will face players with 8000 and 7200 and even 6500 in the battles. Presuming that you are stronger that all of them (or just more lucky), you will win almost every battle and your trophies will raise. After winning some 35 battles in a row (why not, if your team is so strong?) then you’re already at 9000 trophies but you still face the same 6500-8000 players because there’s almost nobody between 8000-9000 trophies in the rank right now. So, keeping winning all the time you easily grow up to 30k and further, because you just win all the time and your trophies raise.

      • Boi you forgot to mention the bots in the arena, you’re not fighting the 8000-9000 players every time you fight at 10k trophies, you’re fighting the OP bots. Unless there are other leaderboard members close to you in trophies queuing up in that case you’ll fight that player over a random bot.