First of all, no you did not read wrong, this game, Follow JC Go, really is a combination of the popular geo-location based games (Pokémon Go, Jurassic World Alive, etc.) and the Catholic Church. Second, we are not reviewing this game due to religious beliefs or to encourage the practice of any religion, but simply as we were curious to see what this combination would end up looking like in a geo-location based game!

The game was developed by Fundación Ramón Pané, Inc.

Luckily for us, our Spanish courses were not too far behind so we were able to get a very short glimpse of what the game has in store for you. Yes, the game currently is only available in Spanish (hence the partial review and not a full review).

Disclaimer: We apologize in advance if some of the terminology we use doesn’t translate properly.

The goal of Follow JC Go

The game is described as an “Adventure” game. Your task will be to create your eTeam: a Team of Gospels! Throughout this adventure, you will be able to learn about the Catholic Church, complete missions, help those in need, collect items and artifacts, and connect with your friends!

You will be able to assemble saints and biblical characters of the Catholic Church, but to do so, you will have to accurately answer some Trivia questions relating to the Catholic Church for the most part.

The gameplay and mechanics

For the most part, the graphics are not incredibly impressive, but then again, simplistic aesthetics constitute a genre on its own that certainly appeals to some people. One could simply not compare to other geo-location based games.

Mechanics are quite odd we might say. While other games will have you simply gesture your fingers on the screen to look around the map, Follow JC Go has you literally move your phone around to spin around the map, which makes for very interesting interactions!

Speaking of interactions, all the interactions in the game will relate to the Catholic Church (as one would suspect). Whether it’s through watching what we will call “inspirational” videos or music videos (which are incredibly lengthy, so best not to watch them when on mobile data) to collect “Dineros” or coins and points; through answering Trivia questions, every single interaction relates to the Catholic Church.

For example, Moses might ask you to correctly attribute a quote from the bible!

If we understood correctly, your character (which you can choose from what seemed to be hundreds of avatars) has health, hunger, and thirst. Throughout your adventures, you must ensure that you keep those three at a decent level. To do so, one can listen to songs or spoken excerpts of the Bible.

Other Features

The game allows for communication between players from within the game, which is quite interesting. You can connect with your peers, interact with them, etc.

Otherwise, we were not able to experience the game fully, so it is difficult for us to provide an actual impression of the game.

Parting Words

We do not plan on covering this game and would not encourage people playing it because of our core values. Overall, it seems like a good attempt by the Catholic Church to reach out to the younger communities. However, the game itself doesn’t appeal to us and we cannot stop our teeth from grinning when we think about the purpose of the game. To each his/her opinion!

The game itself isn’t as enjoyable as one may think, but the developers have managed to achieve what they set out to do. We don’t suspect that the game will reach people from outside the Catholic community, but for those who have the faith, it seems to be a good way to test your knowledge and have some fun with your peers! We certainly applaud the initiative!

Oh! And in case you were wondering, yes, the game is supported by the Vatican!