Explorers! Today we all received a nice Friday surprise from Ludia with the early announcement of this weeks Featured Dinosaurs! We have seen these “DEBUFF” dinosaurs before back in early August, and we are excited to see them again. Debuff dinos remain very useful in the arena and this weeks dinos provide some great hybrid ingredients!

Monday + Tuesday (36 Attempts)


Monolophosaurus G2

Wednesday + Thursday + Friday (30 Attempts)
Diplocaulus G2

Koolasuchus G2




Saturday + Sunday (6 Attempts)


Our advice as to which dinos to go for this week hasn’t changed much since then, and perhaps we have also learned to appreciate these dinos even more… Here is what most of us at Metahub will be darting this week, and what we recommend to you!

Which Dinos to focus on this Week:
For the Commons, this will be an easy decision for us. While Diplocaulus and Mono G2 are certainly useful with their Nullify moveset (and could certainly be beneficial in the lower arenas), we will likely get mostly Stegosaurus on this one. Stegosaurus is the dino needed to fuse both Stegoceratops and Stegodeus, with Stegodeus being one of the best (and most frequently used) dinos in the upper arenas, and both dinos being very useful in the arena.

For the Rares we have 5 dinos to choose from… but the most useful of these in the current meta is still Tuojiangosaurus. Tuijiangosaurus is needed to create both Tuoramoloch and Diorajasaur, two great dinos! We know that spawns will be a bit diluted with 5 different species to choose from, but with Special Event Supply Drops spread throughout the map now, you can do it!

For the Epics the choice is pretty simple, and our money remains on everyone darting Kentrosaurus! Kentro is one of the ingredients required to fuse and make the beastly tank Ankyntrosaurus, an Apex tier dino that can withstand hit after hit after hit!! NOW, if we could only get that Ankylosaurus event, we would be set!

Parting Words

We are pretty excited about this weeks dinos and all of these ingredients we are about to get! It doesn’t matter where you are in the game, these dinos will come in handy to you soon enough, if not already. We are even more excited about this week then were the first time they rolled around, how about you?

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