Niantic launches Ingress Prime worldwide!

Ingress Prime
Ingress Prime

Agents around the globe, get ready for the next chapter in Ingress history! Ingress Prime, aka Ingress 2.0, the long awaited platform upgrade for Niantic’s oldest game, is now officially live!

You can see the Ingress Prime launch trailer below, but please be aware that the serves are completely overloaded right now and it’s super hard to log in at the moment:

“Ingress Prime is built on Niantic’s Real World Platform and serves as a key driver for innovation around gameplay and technologies for all Niantic products,” said John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic. “Since its original release in November 2012, Ingress and its passionate and diverse user community have been an inspiration for the team to create new and innovative ways for players to work together both in-game and in the real world.”

In addition to the trailer and statement above, Niantic shared a press release with us, so we’re sharing it here in a condensed format:

  • Agents will partake in an all-new interactive story which will evolve and change based on how Agents interact with one another and based on the outcome of Anomaly events
  • Anomalies will play an important role in Ingress Prime, even more than in Ingress 1.0
  • For Ingress Prime, Niantic plans to host 12 large-scale “Primary” Anomaly events (three each quarter in Asia, Europe, and the Americas), complemented by more than 100 community-driven “Satellite” Anomaly events.
    • The new events kick off on November 17 in major cities around the world including Barcelona, Austin, and Hong Kong. A full listing of events can be found at
  • A new interactive hub is being formed for story exploration:
  • A new Ingress web series, “The Dunraven Project,” serves as an entry point, fusing narrative and real-world Agent achievements.
  • The two Factions, the “Enlightened” and the “Resistance,” are at the spine of the narrative and in Ingress Prime they come to life in a new way, as two functioning artificial intelligence entities, with which Ingress Agents and prospective Agents can interact. They are set to come online shortly after launch and will play a pivotal role for the factions.

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Ingress Prime Portal Ingress Prime Ingress Prime Portal Ingress Prime Portal Ingress Prime Ingress Prime

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Ingress Prime Trailer

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What’s New in Ingress Prime

Tutorial 1 – Hacking Portals

Tutorial 2 – Attacking and Defending Portals

Dunraven Project EP 1

Dunraven Project EP 2