We asked for it, and we got it! The long-awaited return of ARMORED DINOSAURS. I’m terrified to think of what I’ll face in the arena now… Hello legion of freshly made Trykosauruses.

If you’re on the fence about what to dart and what to leave behind, we’re here to help. Below is our guide on what we think is most important for you to focus on!

Monday + Tuesday (24 Attempts)
Ankylosaurus Gen 2


Wednesday + Thursday (12 Attempts)


Friday + Saturday + Sunday (15 Attempts)





Holy buckets that’s a lot of epics for this weekend! Let’s dive into our recommendations!

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, both are viable candidates this week so it really depends on what you’re working on. Euoplocephalus is used in creating Amargocephalus which is then used to create the powerful tank Tragodistis. But Ankylosaurus Gen 2 is also used in a powerful legendary hybrid – Alankylosaurus. Of course, the Alanqa dna is mostly locked up behind a pretty high arena tier (ironically called Lockwood Estates), aside from the flyer events where we saw Alanqa hanging out under green event drops. Either common is easy enough to come by if you’re grinding, and both are used in powerful hybrids, so for us it’s a toss-up and depends on what you need more.

For the Rares we have 2 dinos to choose from… Ankylocodon is a powerful armor eater, and one of the only ones with immunity. It can be pretty helpful until you build other powerful legendaires like Tryostronix and Allosinosaurus. If you’re struggling to beat tanks, it might be a worthy target. Plus, who knows, it could get a super-hybrid in the next patch. On the other hand, Nodosaurus is needed to fuse for Nodopatosaurus which then can be used on three other legendary hybrids (Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaurus, and Nodopatotitan). Stegodeus is obviously one of the most used legendaries, so definitely worth stocking up on Nodosaurus DNA to keep leveling your Stegodeus or to fuse for it!

For the Epics, on the other hand, we’ve got quite the conundrum. A case could be made for any of them, depending on where you’re at in the game. But if your focused on creating the most powerful end-game dinosaurs, our money is on Ankylosaurus. It has one of the most useful trees. It’s used to create Ankyntrosaurus and Rajakylosaurus, both excellent legendary dinosaurs, and those two are components in some of the most powerful uniques in the game — Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus. Sinoceratops is also worthy of a few attempts, especially if you don’t see them often. Allosinosaurus may only be a Legendary, but it is one powerful monster. And of course, you could also use that Sinoceratops DNA for the other half of the tree which is equally as useful — creating Utasinoraptor and eventually the unique and extremely powerful Utarinex.

Strike Events

Luckily for lower level players, this week’s Strike Events are, for the most part, fairly low difficulty level. Worry not, Metahub will prepare Walk-Throughs for all Rare and EPic Strike Events! Fast Dinosaurs are not the most difficult Dinos to counter, considering how frequent they were in the early stages of the game; people now have a few decent counters for those on hands.

Parting Words

Now remember, we’re nearing an update. Ludia has already announced that Alliances are coming, and we’ve been consistently averaging an update every 2-3 months. So we’re due for one. As always, our advice when an update is just around the corner is to hold off evolving much, because you never know if a new evolutionary tree will open up or if a dinosaur that isn’t useful now will become far more useful (or vis versa). So the best route is always to hold off on spending lots of DNA and coins before an update to see what is coming next before investing the DNA and coins.

Of course, still make that vicious Trykosaurus with all that Kentro DNA from last week and all that Ankylosaurus DNA from this week. Or that Utarinex, or that Diorajasaur.

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  1. Something I feel you may have forgotten for the rares @MNBrian. With what seems to be the change, potentially, in the upcoming meta and bleeders being made more efficient with the changes to SS, Ankylocodon could potentially become a very viable tank with its immunity. Not saying Stegodeus won’t be useful still, though maybe diminished some not being able to cleans a bleed that Ankylcodon doesn’t have to worry about. Though since its components are both commons that are fairly easy to get, and Nodo being an anytime global spawn…could still easily be a toss up!