Explorers, if you couldn’t follow Ludia’s long list of massive balance changes in the patch notes, we’re here to help sort everything out for you! This patch makes some substantial changes to the meta like no other patch! This might be the single most game-changing patch there has been! Without further ado, let’s go over the changes!

Superiority Strike Nerf

So the first thing we’re going to talk about is the elephant, or the Brachiosaurus in the room, the Superiority Strike nerf. It used to be that it slows for one turn, deals 1x Damage and cleanses. But now it only deals 1x Damage, slows for one turn and cleanses Distraction only. This will mean that Slowing, Bleed and the new and improved Vulnerability (now does 50% more damage than the usual 25% more) will still affect the Superiority Strike user.

Big tanks like Stegodeus, Brachiosaurus and Nodopatitan will take a hard hit from this. Since bleed does a percentage of a Dino’s health as damage, dinos with huge health pools like these will get hurt hard!

Hadrosaurs don’t get hurt as much here since most of them can just Run the next turn, which will cancel the bleed.

Tragodistis, Alankylosaurus and other Fliers with Superiority Strike but no running option would also get them hurt by bleed quite a bit.



EuoplocephalusEuoplocephalus: Of all the commons here, Euoplocephalus gets a really great boost. Not only does it get Rampage instead of Impact, it also gets it’s Vulnerability Strike boosted to 50% extra damage so it’s next Rampage will do 2.5x Damage!

Dracorex Gen 2: This previously Carcass tier Dino now got a huge boost to make it almost even viable at high tier arenas! It got a bit of a health boost and a pretty bad speed nerf, but it gained probably one of the strongest Swap In Ability, Swap In Shattering Rampage. This little fella can now swap into a shield, break it, and do 2280 Damage before the opponent gets to do anything.


Tyrannosaurus Gen 2: Rares overall a lot of them got some little stat boosts here and there, well the Gen 2 Rex here got some more HP and Damage, but also got it’s Armor Piercing Impact upgraded to Defense Shattering Impact

Carnotaurus: Carno here got two buffs. One is that its Counter attack becomes a Defense Shattering Counter, but it’s vulnerability also now does 50% more damage on its next attacks, especially since it is a counter Dino, it will be doing way more damage now with its attacks.

EiniasuchusEiniasuchus and Triceratops: These two got the same buff, which is making their Stunning Impact now Greater Stunning Impact, making them more reliable Stunners.

Dsungaripterus: This flier, like most fliers, has it’s speed increased. Dsungaripterus now has 900 damage, 3300 HP and 125 speed. It also has it’s counter buffed to Armor Piercing Counter.

Suchotator: Suchotator itself didn’t get much change, although it did get a significant HP buff to compensate for the Superiority Strike nerf. It now is a great Bleeder as bleed we predict will be quite relevant in the meta.


StegoceratopsStegoceratops + Sinoceratops: These are the same as the rare versions of them, they have their Stunning Impacts now buffed to Greater Stunning Impact, making them great stun-lockers.


Pyroraptor: Pyroraptor now has Distracting Impact instead of Wounding Impact. Sure it now does worse against tanks, but it can now stack both distracts to have 0 damage done to it once you stack the moves right.

SpinotahraptorSpinotahraptor + Spinosaurus Gen 2: Spinotahraptor got an hp buff, but moreover, both these two benefit greatly from the Superiority Strike Nerf, which makes their bleeding moves more prevalent.

Pteranodon: This flier gets a very well needed speed boost, from 112 to 127.


MonostegotopsMonostegotops: Monostego this time gets a huge buff. Not only does it get a great HP boost to 4400 but also it’s Stunning Impact now becomes Greater Stunning Impact. 

Tryostronix: With the Bleed buffs, Tryostronix with it’s immunity becomes quite important. It’s HP buff helps it survive Spinotasuchus for 2 turns (assuming it doesn’t crit) as well as a 4 point speed boost, which makes it outspeed Gorgosuchus and speed tie with Tragodistis.

Spinotasuchus: Spinotasuchus didn’t get changed here, but it is now quite a prevalent Dino in the meta due to the Superiority Strike nerfs. Now bleed is very strong and Spinotasuchus is one of the best bleeders in the game.

UtasinoraptorUtahsinoraptor: Utahsinoraptor got a 1 point speed boost, which really helps against the Diloranosaurus matchup. It also got a damage boost which allows it to deal even more damage.


Trykosaurus: Trykosaurus got a speed boost to 108, which now outspeeds all the 107 Dinos. It also gains a 0.5 counter, to compensate, it’s base damage is reduced to 1600, which still is very high. They took away Armor Piercing Rampage for Instant Distraction which Trykosaurus can now chain into Defense Shattering Rampage, making it an absolute monster.

Erlidominus: Erlidominus’s buff might have been a bit over the top. Boosting it’s damage to 1500 is one thing (turn 1 3k damage with a 20% crit chance), but boosting it’s speed to 129, with immunity and speed up is just too much. Also, don’t sleep on it’s cloak either, that can still be an option when Erlidominus gets desperate or is facing a Dino that could one shot it, which due to it’s very low HP, there are quite a few out there that can do the job.



TanycolagreusTanycolagreus: The biggest loser here for the commons is Tanycolagreus. Used to be an Indoraptor counter, but the slight Indoraptor HP buff makes it so that Tanycolagreus cannot beat Indoraptor head on anymore. Another problem with Tanycolagreus is that many Dinos this patch got buffs but Tany didn’t get any. Though a minor issue, it still would have been nice if they kept Tany up to date.


Nodosaurus: This poor thing not only got it’s HP reduced, Armor Piercing Impact taken away, replaced by Decelerating Impact, but now with bleeders running around all over the place, it’s armor won’t save it from them unfortunately.


Nodopatosaurus: This has a very similar problem with Nodosaurus, it got it’s Armor Piercing Impact changed to Impact with a minimal damage increase. The prevalent bleeding Dinos will also hinder it’s performance a lot.


Monomimus: Monomimus got hit very hard here. It was always sort of a glass hammer, but now it got more glass with no hammer power increase. Ludia admitted it was a “gross miscalculation” on their part and decided to drastically decrease it’s HP down to 2700, which makes it in one or two shot range for so many Dinos.

Alankylosaurus: First of all, the Superiority Strike nerf hits it quite hard, then it gets it’s HP reduced? The Speed increase here is nice, but as a tank and a Superiority Strike user, it really isn’t the most helpful buff here.


Magnapyritor: Our poor poor Magnapyritor got hurt bad with 1.4 and 1.5. Despite being such a hard Dino to get, Ludia just didn’t give it too much love. For one, this patch didn’t make it any better than it was and buffed all its enemies: Indoraptor, Erlidominus, Utarinex, Diloracheirus, Allosinosaurus, Utahsinoraptor etc. By no means is it a bad or weak Dino, but it really did not get the love it so badly needed.

Biggest Loser

While it will still be useful, many people will regret powering it up to such high levels: Stegodeus! Not only because of the nerf to Superiority Strike, but also because it lost Armor Piercing Rampage in exchange of a simple Rampage, which makes it no longer a viable option for Armored Dinosaurs.

BoonSlevin’s notes: We’ll probably be hated for this, but we feel that all these changes will help incredibly bringing some variety into the Arena, which was very much needed for people to avoid growing tired of repetition. Stegodeus was one of the Dinosaurs that was incredibly over-powered, therefore the nerf affecting it will be tremendously helpful into bring more variety to the game!

Pocemon’s notes: On the contrary, Pocemon still thinks Stegodeus is the best tank in the game.

Parting Words

Well, as we mentioned before, this seems like quite a shakeup in the meta, many frequently used Dinos will have to go into hiding once the patch hits and some weaker Dinos like Euplocephalus will regain its former glory! Hopefully, this gives everyone a sort of direction to go for certain Dinos before the update drops and spawn zones change! To check out our review of the Gameplay updates, click here. We’ll be working on updating the Dinodex in the next few days, so stay tuned for that!

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        • I’m happy with new stuff (it makes the game fresher 😉 ).
          My only complain is about Stegodeus: I spent only 10$ in this game (with levelling up offer) so I consider myself a not-payer-player.
          It took a lot of time to get stegodeus (two weeks ago and I started to play when this game came out).
          I can’t also join tournament since I don’t have strong dinos: I hope you’ll understand my frustration reading this.
          Infact my comment above was written in a polemic way and I apologize for that 😉
          This is a fantastic game and I’m not going to stop!
          Just this stegodeus nerf was a flash in the sky (even if I have to admit it was a quite overpowered XD)

  1. Good read!!!
    We get nearly anything we wanted.
    Love this patch and i hope it comes sooooooon!

    I dont understand why People always keep hating Ludia…. First they cry for changes then they cry for to much changes and “they do it only so we have to spend more coins on other dinos”

    I just want to say thx Ludia for keep the game fresh and THX Metahub for all the good Updates/Guides/Tips.

  2. The nerfs to Stegod only affect the players who used Stegod as a starter, revealing it to the opponent so he can play his bleeder and ruin it. Keeping it in your backpocket for when the opponent’s best creatures are badly damaged or even having wasted his Bleeders on other creatures, Stegod is a great surprise element. +5600 HP is not easy to get rid of when you’ve only got damaged creatures left. It’s the last dino I want to see my opponent throw out at me in a close battle.

  3. I don’t agree that Stegodeus is the biggest loser. He used to be the best in the game (considering how easy you get him) because he could beat everything (fast, armoured, bleeder,… I don’t have uniques yet but maybe they can do it easily). Now he will be the best to beat all the raptors and he will have it more difficult against other armored dino’s. He will lose to bleeders, but not without taking a big chunck of health out of them. He at least got his HP increased. Alankylosaurus got it much worse.

  4. All these changes will make many people soooo disappointed. It will especially apply to those who just leveled up Monomimus/Stegodeus/others that got nerfed, or was about to create those dinos, or spent some real cash on those dinos which will now become not as useful as they were meant to be. In a chain effect, it will make those people not spend real cash on such a game where any of your investments may be completely ruined by the devs at any moment. It is just not worth it to spend real money on such unstable and unpredictable thing, when you cannot be sure in tomorrow and all your recent investments will go to literally nowhere. It partly applies to myself as I’ve leveled up Monomimus and Stegodeus not a long ago, and now it looks like I spent tons of coins and the very-hard-to-get Monolophosaurus DNA on a bad deal. Thanks God I didn’t spend any real money on those as I would definitely regret it. And I’m not going to spend real money on this game at all as it looks a BAD DEAL initially.

  5. “Biggest loser” Ha, right! Don’t make me laugh. Pocemon is right. You totally glossed over the fact that his extremely big healthpool got increased even more and that the “nerf” hit all other armored dino as well. His moves are still extremely powerful and you need a nuke to take this sh*t down.