Explorers! The very much anticipated update 1.5 is finally out, and we are to provide you with an overview and impressions of the notes for it!

We will cover game changes and new features in this article, but the changes affecting battles are covered separately shortly, and so are the New Dinos and New/Updated Moves/Abilities, which you’ll find here! There’s just too much to cover!


The biggest addition of 1.5 clearly is the introduction of Alliances! As one would suspect, Alliances will allow players to chat with other members of the same Alliance! Somehow, the game will be limited to a handful of languages, but we suspect that this is simply due to limitations regarding chat moderation and that one might expect further languages to eventually be added to the list.

What will you be able to do with Alliances?

  • Trade DNA with your Allies!
  • Donate Coins in exchange of DNA!
  • Chat together!
  • And more!

Yes, you read correctly, DNA trading will be possible in exchange of Coins with other members of the same Alliance! To avoid any abuse, DNA trading will be restricted to Common and Rare Dinosaurs, Furthermore, flagged cheaters will not be allowed to join or create an Alliance! So forget about spoofers getting even more DNA through trades, they won’t even be near that feature!

We suspect that there will be limitations in terms of amount of DNA that one can trade on a daily or weekly basis. Otherwise, it would simply be too crazy, but the good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any restriction or set value for DNA. Therefore, players should be able to trade for what they personally deem worthy!

Anything else?

Of course! Daily Missions! Alliances will be able to complete daily tasks in order to earn rewards (which have not yet been announced). Missions can vary on a daily basis, and the more you progress, the more missions you can get every day, therefore the more rewards you can get! We suspect that the usual rewards will be obtainable, but we certainly hope for something exclusive to Alliances in order to appeal to the players to join one!

New Dinosaurs and Hybrids

This article is too lengthy on its own, so we decided to cover new Dinosaurs and new Moves/Abilities on their own. All the details here, but feast your eyes on this!

New Arena Distribution

We have been complaining for a while now that Arena doesn’t allow enough variety of potential DNA. Well, Ludia heard us and adapted! A shake-up of the DNA available from the various Tiers happened and we are quite excited about it!

DNA has been redistributed in order to favor access to certain Hybrids at specific times. This means that players will no longer have access to all Hybrids from the start, but that it will rather be spread out through your progression in the game. This, of course, completely disregards wild spawns or events, so it will remain possible to create such Hybrids anyway, so there’s nothing to be worried about. Luckily, we have a sweet graphic by Orange Heart showcasing all the changes!


Ludia also added a few changes to Tournaments, but mostly aesthetics changes. From now on, Tournaments will be referred to as Seasonal PvP. Ludia mentions that based on the feedback they received, they have adapted Seasonal PvP, without providing many details. It will first be available as a Beta feature in order to adapt as required as we progress through it.

All that they say is that it will be more inclusive for all! We assume from this that not only top ranked players will benefit from playing in the Arena, which is undoubtedly what we all hope for!

More details about this coming soon!

Exploration and other changes

We’ll quote Ludia on something. “Small flying creatures are now available on the map. Can you find where and when to collect them?” What could they be referring to here? Don’t get too excited about a wave of new creatures, as this most likely simply refers to the new Dimorphodon and Darwinopterus.

What is really interesting here is that Ludia claims to have balanced spawns in order to provide a better experience for new players (why not old players?). Irritator Gen 2 will now be available in the wild, which suggests that eventually, some Dinosaurs that were exclusive to the Arena may become available at large, which is very exciting!

Yet, the most exciting note is about the spawn variety. Ludia claims that spawns will reflect better the Dinosaurs’ rating. This means that the Dinosaurs the most useful for the creation of Hybrids, those more popular will seemingly be more frequent in the wild than those that we are clearly tired of (Iguanodon? Lythronax? Right?)! Isn’t it what we all wanted? Spawns that can actually be used? Well, it’s happening!

Parting Words

While some of you may think that this is a small update, we believe the opposite. The mere fact that spawn distributions will be adapted to reflect the players’ needs is HUUUUGE! Of course, what we are the most excited about are the Alliances, and you can make sure that Metahub will be on the map!

For the New Dinosaurs and the New/Updates Moves/Abilities, it’s right here!

If you feel alone and not sure how you’ll be able to join an Alliance, Metahub has got your back. Join our Discord and you’ll find all the tools you need to find the Alliance for you!

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  1. Honestly lots of exciting news, quite several interesting new concepts. Some of course sad news but that’s balancing.
    Overall me feeling about the patch are definitely good.

    BUT:… BUT… Why the hell do they give the freaking STEGODEUS even more HP!?!
    Okay… it’s loosing it’s armor piercing but that applies for all tanks, also superiority strike is slightly nerfed but Stegodeus still feels like it got buffed since the other changes applies to all and it will destroy all dino either on the same level as before or even better.
    Honestly the only counter remaining seems to be bleeding dinos at this point who don’t care about the HP number and without being able to cleanse it can get rif of the lolgodeus now…

  2. Just a question regarding the graphic: at Sorna Marshes it says you can unlock Spinotasuchus. But don’t you need utahraptor for that? I can’t find utahraptor in the graphic. Also you can apparently unlock utarinex but that also requires utahraptor, which isn’t in the graphic. There are a couple of doubles in this graphic also, maybe it is a mistake that one of these is put in instead of utahraptor? Please don’t put this as criticism, but rather as constructive advice for making accurate graphics. I really enjoy your services for this community and I just want to help to improve it.