Explorers! There is simply too much to cover to put all of it into one single article. In this one, we will cover the New Dinosaurs and Hybrids along with all the New and Updated Moves/Abilities!

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New/Updated Moves and Abilities

First of all, let’s cover the smaller things:

  • Hit and Run issue: The issue where a Dinosaur using Hit and Run on a Counter Dinosaur, getting the final blow from the opponent’s Counter, and seeing the game automatically swap to the next Dinosaur in line is now fixed! From now on, if you Runner faints in such a situation, you will be able to select your next Dinosaur yourself!
  • Pterosaurs nerf or buff?: Following up on a Twitter Poll! While we all felt that Pterosaurs needed a buff, statistics showed that having Pterosaurs on your team actually had a higher winning rate than not having one! Nonetheless, Ludia gave them a small buff/adjustments (mostly greater speed) to make them a viable and interesting selection for players!

New Moves/Abilities

New Dinosaurs and Hybrids

Below is a list of the new dinosaurs and new hybrids. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here. We’ll be doing more analysis in future articles.


Dimorphodon: Yup, it’s here. The tiny terror that looks like some kind of flyer hybrid with Indominus Rex from your loading screen. And this little monster will be real interesting. It’s relatively fast, and specializes in bleeding damage. You heard that right. A tiny pesky bleeder sporting Pinning Strike and Gashing Wound. Most likely common rarity but we’re not totally sure yet.

Darwinopterus: And if one pesky bleeder wasn’t enough, we got two. Darwinopterus has pinning strike, cleansing impact and swoop, so it’s probably a rare (based on what seems like an epic hybrid mentioned later on). Hard to say. But we can say for sure that giving a pterosaur swoop was an excellent and yet scary idea.

Diplodocus: We’re getting another epic Sauropod, which is awesome. This one comes equipped with a swap-in slow, and decelerating rampage in addition to a new scary move called Shield Advantage. Sort of a mix between busting a shield and making one for yourself. Certainly an interesting new dinosaur.

Miragaia: This new stegosauridae comes equipped with a nasty 1x counter attack that also pierces armor. You heard me right. And get this — it’s a common. In addition to that, it gets the brand new shielding strike and the brand new move regeneration. It’ll be interesting having a stego-type dinosaur that doesn’t have any slowing moves.

Where previous updates have averaged seven non-hybrids, this one has only four. This update seems to have flipped the trend, opting for only four new non-hybrids and seven new hybrids. Let’s take a look.


Dimodactylus: This hybrid of Dimorphodon and Tupandactylus sports a counter attack in addition to wounding. This should be an epic hybrid with a swap in DOT that’ll be brutal with that counter attack, in addition to short defense, impact and run, pinning strike, and lethal wound. It’ll be quite the monster for a vast majority of players.

Dracoceratops: Our second legendary based on two common components is now here. Using the gen 2 versions of Triceratops and Dracorex, we get a few things out of this beast. A swap in stun, an impact and run, a greater stunning strike, and a bit of armor and speed. Easily accessible legendaries can make for great additions to most players teams — especially those who have not yet unlocked many legendary dinosaurs.

Tyrannolophosaur: This is the THIRD easily accessible legendary that Ludia has introduced. Using Tyrannasaurus Gen 2 and Dilophosaurus Gen 2, we end up with a creature with a very interesting kit for an armor eater. In addition to defense shattering impact and rampage, Tyrannolophosaur also gets nullifying strike and — get this — distracting strike. It’s a fascinating combo.

Tenontorex: If you’ve ever thought to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice to have a faster T-rex” — your dreams are about to come true. Combining Tyrannolophosaur with Tenontosaurus gives you something along those lines. With this Unique, you get the option of slowing opponents down with Superiority Strike (from a chomper? Yep. Crazy), in addition to Distracting Impact, while still maintaining the Defense Shattering Impact and Defense Shattering Rampage. Talk about an interesting kit. This one is at the top of my wishlist.

Thoradolosaur: In our predictions article, we wondered if Allosinosaurus would get a hybrid. Looks like we were right. By combining Tarbosaurus with Allosinosaurus, we end up with a Uniquereal tank-busting monster.  The kit doesn’t change much from the base legendary, but it gets a monstrous attack boost and a giant increase in critical hit percentage (up to 40%) so start collecting those Tarbosaurus today.

Purrolyth: The lyth, comes from Lynthronax. And the Purr comes from Purrusaurus Gen 2. We’ve got two more dinosaurs that were previously not so useful in the arena being made useful in this new Rare. If it weren’t enough to get an armor-piercing counter attack, surely a kit that includes Fercocious Strike, Long Protection, and Lockdown Strike should do the trick. Add in a little crocodile armor and you get a pretty scary rare.

Grypolith: But we’re not done. This Unique superhybrid breaks the mold by combining the Epic Gryposuchus with the Rare Purrolyth to get a crocodile that really lays on the hurt. The move-set may look similar to Purrolyth, but don’t be fooled. This thing has a defense-shattering counter attack and sports twice the armor for twice the survivability.

What’s so cool about all of these hybrids and changes that we’re seeing is how geared they are to the middle of the pack. A majority of the playerbase is really going to see a lot of movement in the arena, a lot of interesting new teams, and a lot of new challenges out of these new dinosaurs — which is awesome. Talk about keeping it fresh.

Move Changes

Aside from the change to Superiority Strike that we knew might be coming and that is addressed in a separate article, Ludia has made it clear that they’re trying to be far more consistent in naming conventions.

They renamed Instant Cripple to Instant Distraction because it is a distraction-type move. Anything that reduces an opponents damage will now be called a “distraction” to be as clear as possible.

Also, they really shifted the usefulness of Vulnerability. Where before, Vulnerability only increased the damage by 25%, now it will increase the damage by 50% — a huge buff. It makes vulnerability much more scary than it was before.

Pinning Strike was also changed. Where before it felt a little less useful to only pin your opponent for one turn, now all Pinning Strike moves will actually hold your opponent in place for two turns. That’s a big shift too. Predicting when your opponent will swap is relatively hard. Holding them for two turns likely means you can put them down. It’ll be particularly useful for dinosaurs that like to hit and run.

Cleanse/Healing Icons were also changed in minor ways. The point was clarity, trying to show the more important quality of a particular cleanse or healing move. Is the cleanse most important? Then the cleanse icon is used. Is the heal the biggest advantage? Then the healing icon is used.

Stun Overhall and RNG

Half of the complaints about RNG being broken revolve around stuns. The biggest issue tended to be when you are daisy-chained into a number of stuns in a row, based on low probability moves — causing you to not be able to use any move at all. Ludia heard this complaint loud and clear, and decided to remove fully from the game any low-chance to stun move.

So dinosaurs like Einiasuchus, Stegoceratops or Monostegotops who had a 33% chance to stun (that felt like it hardly ever worked) in Stunning Impact, now get the much improved Greater Stunning Impact (with a 75% chance to stun). This goes for literally any dinosaur that used to have Stunning Impact — across the board.

So essentially, while probability will still play a role, it should be the expectation that most of the time a stunning move will succeed and there will no longer be any lesser or mild stunning moves that have no cooldown, so no one is getting “stunlocked” for three or more turns because no dinosaur will have a kit that allows for a possibility of being stunned on three consecutive turns.

Immune dinosaurs are still the best solution for getting stunned or distracted or slowed, but at least now there will be no more low-probability stunning attacks and every stunning attack has an above average chance to work.

The list of dinosaurs from the notes that were effected by this change in stuns is below. It’s hard to say how much of a debuff any of these changes are until we get them into the arena to test out, but overall this is a big step towards lessening RNG in matches.

  • Dracorex (Attack: 1,280)
  • Dracorex GEN2 (Attack: 1,140; HP: 3,000; Speed: 108; remember that it gained Swap In Shattering Rampage)
  • Einasuchus (HP: 3,870)
  • Einiosaurus (Attack: 1,400)
  • Paramoloch (Attack: 1,130; Speed: 126)
  • Sinoceratops (Attack: 1,350; HP: 4,050)
  • Stegoceratops (HP: 4,650)
  • Stygimoloch (See below)
  • Stygimoloch GEN2 (See below)
  • Triceratops (Attack: 1,200; HP: 4,770)
  • Triceratops GEN2 (Attack: 1,260; HP: 4,050)
  • Tuoramoloch
  • Utasinoraptor (Attack: 1,590; Speed: 127)
  • Utarhinex (Attack: 1,420)

Concluding Thoughts

There’s a ton to digest here, but there are a few key takeaways. The new hybrids and the move changes shake up the meta handily. Bleeders, stunners, and dinosaurs with slowing moves are going to be more relevant than they had been. And swap in actions are going to play a larger role with such powerful chaining options.

This is going to be a crazy update. But it’s particularly important to remember it’s going to be crazy at all levels. It seems as if Ludia really kept the average player in mind with this update. They wanted to offer opportunities to create more easily attainable Legendary dinosarus (and even Unique dinosaurs), and really mixed up the viability of a bunch of different kinds of dinosaurs.

So when this update drops, be sure to send us what dinos are giving you trouble in the arena so we can help you with some more great counter guides.

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