The chopper is arguably one of the most important features of the game. Well, this update (1.10.3) has added in some major changes for it.

The update consists of three major features:

  • The Gas Station
  • Build-able Garage
  • Chopper upgrades

The Gas Station: 

The gas station is the new location added in update 1.10.3. It can be found next to the farm. The location features an AI named Jane The Mechanic. The backstory for Jane is that she was left to run the gas station when her father left to fight in the war against the zombies.

Gas station

The location is infested with zombies: a mix of Fast Biters, Floater Bloaters, and Savage Giants. You will have to kill most of these in order to reach Jane. Once you locate, Jane she will offer to trade in your spare parts for Mechanic Boxes.

You can trade in various items from the different stations. However, Chopper Gas Tanks are the best choice, as they give 1000 points each, which is two boxes.

The Mechanic Box:

The Mechanic Box is how you go about upgrading your chopper; each box will contain a blueprint or a repair kit. It takes 10 of each type of blueprint to upgrade your chopper to either the Off-Road Bike, or the Military Motorcycle. The blueprints for the Police Bike can only be gotten by completing 99 waves at the Police Station.

Build-able Garage:

The Garage is the new item added with this update. It costs:

The Garage
  • 15 Scrap Metal
  • 10 Bolts
  • 20 Bricks
  • 12 Pine Planks
  • 8 Rubber Parts
  • 10 Iron Ingots


Once constructed you will need to place it in your base, it is sized 3×4 and can only be placed on the ground. When placing the garage make sure to position it at the edge of the base as you will need to drive your chopper into it.

The Garage is where you will go to upgrade your chopper upon unlocking enough blueprints, you can also repaint, repair, and clean your chopper here. The garage can be used to make 3 of your walls indestructible. This means you need only build twig walls here and not worry about them being broken in to.

Chopper Upgrades:

Driving the chopper

The main change made to the chopper in this update is the ability to drive it inside of zones, not just between locations. The only places you currently cannot drive the chopper are the lower levels of Bunker Alfa, and Sector 7.

This can be incredibly useful when farming resources as you can save weapon durability by running over zombies. However there are some draw backs to this. Hitting things with your chopper will mean that you have to repair it if you do too much damage, this can be done at the aforementioned garage.

Upgrading the chopper offers many benefits, chief among them is an increase in storage slots, the maximum of a fully upgraded chopper being 8. This change will have a large impact for those of you who regularly raid, as it increases the amount of items you can take. Other benefits include:

Chopper Upgrades
  • Durability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Tank Volume
  • Damage
  • Speed

Most important of these changes being upgraded fuel efficiency, as fuel is currently one of the harder items to get in the game.

The final chopper upgrade, the Police Bike, can only be unlocked by completing 99 waves in the yard of Blackport PD. This is highly difficult to do and is not recommended to any but the hardiest of players, as it will require a lot of resources.

That’s all for our summary of update 1.10.3. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments section down below. Make sure to also let us know what you would like to see covered next!