Explorers! As the biggest week in the history of Jurassic World Alive begins, Ludia decides to drop even more exciting stuff! No time for introduction! Let’s dive right into it!

Cyber Monday Sale – Best Deal on Coins EVER

The biggest and most exciting news that was dropped today are the deals on Coins in the store! If our recollection is correct, these are the best deals on Coins ever dropped in the game!

You can redeem each deal 10 times and they are all somewhat similar in terms of Coins per Hard Cash ratio. These days last for less than 24 hours, so don’t wait up!

  • Handful of Coins: 70.84 Coins / 1 Hard Cash
  • Chest of Coins: 75 Coins / 1 Hard Cash
  • Vault of Coins: 77.78 Coins / 1 Hard Cash

If, like ourselves, you were holding on to your hard-earned Hard Cash to invest on Coins, now’s the time! Go crazy!

New Scent Capsule – Stegosaurid Scent

Following the Raptor Scent that was recently introduced, we now have the Stegosaurid Scent available in the store for 200 Hard Cash. This new Scent will be available in the Store all week!

As you would suspect, the Scent will focus on Stegosauridea which are the followings:

Commons: Stegosaurus, Miragaia (No report of it in the wild before today with this Scent!)
Rares: Tuojiangosaurus, Wuerhosaurus
Epics: Kentrosaurus

Considering how few Dinosaurs are available in this scent, it can be somewhat interesting if you are in need of primarily Stegosaurus as it will be the most frequent one you’ll get (reports indicate that people are getting as many Stegosaurs as one would get Velociraptor from the Raptor scent, i.e. a lot!). Nonetheless, it can be useful to power up or create your Legendary Stegodeus!

Incubators in the Store

Both Incubators currently available in the Store will get you the DNA from this week’s Dinosaurs Theme: Hybrid Legacy!



AnkylosaurusSinoceratops,Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Rare Incubator will obviously focus on the DNA from Commons and Rares, with a small possibility of getting DNA from one of the Epics.

The Epic Incubator will obviously focus on the DNA of ALL the Dinosaurs from this week’s Roster of Hybrid Legacies!

Both incubators are probably the most valuable ones that have ever been offered for sale in the Store. For the first time, we recommend, if you can spare it, going crazy on those (if you can spare it, make sure you save some money for food)!


Somehow, it appears that Ludia is making a *small* event(?) out of Dimodactylus. While it already is available to those who have enough DNA, Ludia is promoting that Tupandactylus is available in the wild (although it always has been)! We’re not entirely sure to what end they are promoting this specific Dinosaur, but if we were you, we’d use this opportunity to grind its DNA as much as possible!

Parting Words

We’re incredibly excited about all these amazing deals offered for Cyber Monday! So much that we’re cutting this short and going back to grinding!

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  1. Promoting Tupandactylus?
    That’s like notifying everyone 20 times that “Oh, you can shoot Velociraptor in the wild!”
    *Slow Clap*
    I’m just a stickler because I shoot every Tupan I find, even before the hybrid.