Explorers! We have some incredible news (as usual, but this one will prove very useful on top of that)!

We often repeat ourselves, but we are very thankful for all the content that comes from the community. Many of you reach out to us with ideas, creations, suggestions, etc.; and when possible, we love to support you as much as we can.

Today, we have a very special treat for you all: an app! Recently, a fellow Canadian, Matt Ellis, reached out to me with an app in development. Little did I knew was that he was actually pretty much done with it! I was lucky enough to test it before release, and for any Jurassic World Alive player, this app is the best tool ever made (after Metahub, of course [insert smirky face])! JWA Field Guide is incredibly smooth and useful! Have a look at what it does!

JWA Field Guide is now available for iOS and Android users in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store worldwide!

To download the app on iOS, click the link here! For Android, it’s right here!

Here’s how Matt describes it:

JWA Field Guide is the unofficial companion app for Ludia’s Jurassic World Alive and is the essential tool to carry with you on all of your dino hunts!

With JWA Field Guide, you can view the entire list of in-game dinosaurs. The Search box allows you to quickly find any dinosaur by entering any part of its name, Tier, Rarity type, and move.

You can sort the main creature list by any the following criteria by tapping on any of the icons below the search box:
• Tier, Rarity, Health, Damage, Speed, Armor, Critical Chance

From either the Creatures tab or Favourites tab, tapping on a dinosaur will take you to the full details screen. From there, you can:

Save or Remove a dinosaur from your Favourites collection

View the dinosaur’s Genetic Makeup

View any Possible Hybrids

View the dinosaur’s full Stats (including Tier, rarity type, health, damage, speed, armor, and critical chance)

View all possible Moves, including any Swap In moves or Counter-Attacks

View the full, calculated list of Health and Damage stats for ALL Levels of the selected dinosaur (you’re no longer limited to only Level 26!)

For all of the dinosaurs listed under Genetic Makeup and Possible Hybrids, you can tap on any of them to go straight to that dinosaur’s full details screen. Now, you no longer have to unlock a dinosaur to be able to access this information! This is great for planning out which dinosaurs you should be hunting now to target those dominant Uniques!

JWA Field Guide also contains an extremely useful Evolve Costs calculator which quickly tells you how many coins and DNA resources are required to evolve a dinosaur of a particular rarity type from one level to any other level.

Happy Dino Hunting, fellow DPG Members!

Please note that JWA Field Guide is made by fans of Jurassic World Alive and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Ludia Inc. or any of its affiliates.

Furthermore, the latest version of JWA Field Guide 1.0.1, has lots of goodies!

Metahub Tiers!
• The full Metahub Tier list for Jurassic World Alive v1.5 has been included in the app!
• You can view the Tiers on the main creature list or when viewing a creature’s details.

Search Enhancements!
• You can enter a Tier name or any part of a Move name to find creatures that match that criteria.
• You can also enter any part of a creature’s name (it doesn’t have to be the full name!)

Creature Sorting!
• You can now sort the main creature list by the following criteria by tapping on any of the icons below the search box:
• Tier, Rarity, Health, Damage, Speed, Armor, Critical

Other changes:
• Several display enhancements for smaller screens.
• We added some missing moves for a few creatures as well as fixed some missing hybrid information.

Several JWA Field Guide enhancements are also in the works, so stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



  1. Congratulations Matt Ellis, app looks amazing ! And it is an amazing start for such a useful tool for any JWA Player. So we want some more features :
    – add criteria for the sorted lists of dinos, aka “i want to see all the Epic dinos that have armor above 20%”. We should be able to select to show only one of the rarities, or maybe only one of the Tier Stages.
    – an … actual Field Guide where you can ask “Where can i find DNA for /”, and it will respond “Look for the commons: Allosaurus, TriceratopsGen2 or Diplocaulus” or “Only in incubators” or “By fusing X and Y”
    – for every Dino that was added to Favourites, to add a counter on the lvl list so that we can choose the actual level for each of our favourite dinos.
    – for the evolution costs of hybrids, to be able to choose the rarity of their components, to see the actual DNA costs of the ingredients of the hybrid.

    @Matt Ellis I know these ideas will take time to add to the current app, but if you like them, i am sure you will eventually add them one by one, or whichever you like
    Thank you for the app.

  2. I don’t mean to be a downer but a field guide should probably have a spawn mechanics tab so when you are out in the field you can find out what locality you are in by using the spawns around you….not that you can’t do it by just pulling up metahub but if you absolutely need an app as opposed to going on the internet tab of your smartphone it would help to have the most important field information in the app as opposed to the at home research material that it currently has… it is nice that it goes up to lvl 30 but its more of a research guide for what dino to dart next as opposed to a “hey I saw this dino spawn lets see what area I am most likely in then….” kinda guide