Today we see an unexpected surprise. There’s a 5 step epic strike event with some wild dinos in it!

Thankfully, the average level is around 20 so it SHOULD be completely doable for people with a team at or around that marker, but it will take a little strategy. Rather than go through the strategy for 5 separate and subjective battles, let’s talk about each enemy and how you beat them.

Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Monolometrodon (18), Dracoceratops (19)
Step 2:  Dracoceratops (20), Tyrannolophosaur (21)
Step 3:  Alankylosaurus (19), Tyrannolophosaur (20)
Step 4:  Tyrannolophosaur (21), Grypolyth (22), Tenontorex (23)
Step 5: Dracoceratops (20), Tyrannolophosaur (21), Grypolyth (22)

Beating Monolometrodon

Monolometrodon is a fast tank buster with immunity. What you’ll need here is something that hits hard and fast. Look for dinos with high turn 1 damage that can punch. Many raptors will work, if high enough level. Just remember, Monolometrodon has two SHIELD BREAKING and armor piercing moves, and you can’t slow it down due to the immunity. So bring out something faster than 126 speed ideally and with a relatively large health pool.

Beating Dracoceratops

Dracoceratops is a real beast when it comes to stuns. Not only does it have a scary swap-in stun, but it also has a greater stunning move in it’s arsenal. Bleeds are particularly useful against Dracoceratops, especially if you’ve killed the rest of Draco’s team and it can’t swap out on you with that annoying hit-and-run.

It’s not a damage monster like our strike for tomorrow, but it’s no pushover. Focus on things that have high health, armor, that can slow down or stun dracoceratops, or things that can bleed it — especially if it’s the last one out.

Beating Tyrannolophosaur

Tyrannolophosaur is a very strange beast. It can distract you, and the usual prescription for a dinosaur that can distract is a tank with superiority strike — but Tyranolophosaur is also sporting two MASSIVE shield busting armor piercing attacks as well. AND nullifying strike to discourage trying to dodge its powerful attacks.

It’s already pretty slow at 108 speed, so that’s good. Stunners are a great option here. Stegoceratops comes to mind. And bleeders again can prove useful. Especially a bleeder like Suchotator who is faster, can instant distract the big powerful moves, and can lethal wound it.

Don’t be fooled. It looks like a rex, but it’ll really give you trouble with that distracting attack.

Beating Alankylosaurus

Imagine Tragodistis with wings. That’s Alankylosaurus in a nut-shell. Well, maybe throw in a swap in invincibility to boot.

Alanky can be a tough armored bird that can hit surprisingly hard, but most of the moves it has are shielding and it relies heavily on armor. So bring out your rexes, your big burly armor eaters, and chomp that bird right out of the sky. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, any of the new hybrid chompers.

Beating Grypolyth

This new strange tank-gator is a real beast to view in the arena. And it packs a bite.

Thankfully it’s a tier slower than some of the fast armor busters (Gorgosuchus, Tryostronix), so it definitely has weaknesses. Watch out for the lockdown strike preventing you from swapping out near death dinos and the ferocious strike that really packs a punch. It can be slowed, and is sporting some armor, but you can take it with a FAST chomper. An equal level T-rex will TRADE with it, so that’s not ideal but it would work if you brought in two chompers to two-versus-one it.

Beating Tenontorex

Tenontorex is one of the most underrated dinosaurs in the game to date. It has one more speed than Tyrannolophosaur, a bunch more damage, and a more powerful distracting impact over distracting strike.

You beat it the same way, but it’s a real pain because of how hard it can hit you. And although it looks like Paramoloch, it’s specialty is BREAKING SHIELDS, BUSTING ARMOR, and DISTRACTING/SLOWING you. It’s a powerful combination of difficulty.

Be faster, hit harder, distract back. Suchotator again is a pretty darn good option because you can lethal wound it and then instant distract it, and it doesn’t have a hit-and-run.


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

While not as scary as our Epic Strike Event tomorrow, this event may still prove challenging for many. Let us know in the comments how you did and if any dinos are hanging you up. If so, we can always take a deeper dive into that dino in a future counter guide or even in this guide if it’s really frustrating a lot of people.

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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