Happy Holidays explorers!

As you may have noticed from the Christmas Gifts dotted around your map in-game (if you haven’t seen them yet, restart!) Ludia has kicked off the celebrations today with presents for every good dino-hunting boy and girl.

The Holiday Event

Teased in our data-mine article and subsequently confirmed by an official announcement last week, today sees the start of the Holiday Chase event, running from December 10th to January 2nd. During the event, we get to hunt down gifts daily throughout the holiday season. This is a great bit of festive fun from Ludia, with even regular and Special Event Supply Drops getting a pretty bow on top!

While I am a little disappointed that Ludia hasn’t opted for a snow-touched landscape like some other AR games, I do like the frivolity of the graphical choices made here, and is always a good way to avoid the ‘but it’s Summer here!’ argument!



As discussed in our previous article on the holiday event announcement, the Holiday Chase gifts are visually very similar to the Coin Chase chests we are familiar with, but all wrapped up for Christmas. They also function in much the same way, you must be within interaction range to open them and they take the place of existing supply drops. You can find the potential contents and odds of the three different types of chest we will find over the course of this event in the linked article. We do only get to open one chest a day, which is honestly a required limit given how good the rewards can be!

BoonSlevin’s note: We can confirm that today will only be Blue (glitched as Green) Presents and that everyday will feature a different color of gift! So make sure that you tune in every single day of the event for the best loot! Furthermore, it appears that a visual glitch is taking over Presents as they appear Green, but the Rewards correspond to those of Blue Presents. Consider today’s gifts blue. Ludia may be colorblind.

Daily Quests

An un-announced new feature many of you will have already spotted is the daily reward now available for completing all daily quests! Today is Alanqa DNA, and the amount you receive scales with your level, up to 50 DNA at level 20. This is another nice reward to keep us playing (or potentially paying as that open incubator requirement continues to grow…) and it will be exciting to see what other rewards will be coming in the next few days. My tip? If you aren’t all that excited about the Alanqa, maybe skip the open incubator quest today to have an easier time at a potential future reward!

Parting Words

We are very excited to see what else Ludia has in store for us, but they are off to a great start! As we said above, we’d love for more of a Christmas themed background, map, etc., but the rewards are great!

What do you think about this event? Let us know!

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