There’s been an exciting development in Jurassic World: Alive. On the forums, Ludia has announced PVP Season four!

And this time around, the guaranteed DNA is Diplodocus (which makes this sauropod fan very happy).

The rules are the same as last time around.

  • Tournament goes from December 17th to January 7th.
  • Everyone over 4500 trophies will be reset to 4500 + half of any trophies above 4500 (up to a maximum of 5500).
  • Flagged cheaters have been removed from matchmaking.
  • Bot battles do not count towards trophies.
  • Normal battle rules apply.

Let’s take a look at the prizes:

For the moment, there’s still no word on if Ludia is ready to implement some changes we all feel are coming — such as separating PVP from normal incubator slots. But you never know, maybe Ludia is closer than we think to implementing such a change.

For the full details, head over to the Ludia forums by clicking here.

Also, on the first day of the tournament, there will be a brief maintenance period (as is normal for tournament beginnings in order to reset trophies etc), so on Monday, December 17th at around 9:30AM EST the servers will be down briefly.

All in all, we’re excited to get out there and battle.