Survivors! Earlier today, Kefir! dropped a cipher to be decrypted that would apparently give the community a hint as to what would come in the next update. The cipher was the following.

1. Refers to Ghost without the H, therefore gost which is a Soviet and Russian government standard symmetric key block cipher with a block size of 64 bits.

2. Refers to Cesar code, one of the simplest encryption technique. It is simply an alphabet / number shift.

3. Refers to Base64, a coding technique.

Three words had to be found, and clues were spread out over three Social Medias. While one may think that this was also used as a strategy to have people follow them on the various social medias (which is a good strategy, let’s be honest), it certainly was entertaining to dig around nonetheless. Or at least at first it was…

We’re usually excited for creative ways to announce something, but this one, we must say, was a little over the top…

Every word required for each Social Medias needed the code to be decoded as well as a key to decode it accurately. Worry not, we’ll spare you the details of how this was all done and jump into what was actually teased in relation to the upcoming update.



For this one, there was another level of difficulty as one needed to speak Russian in order to find the right key.


After several hours of pulling the hair off of your head trying to figure out what this all means. Some people finally managed (with many clues provided by the Admins, which if you ask us, goes to show that this cipher was incredibly too difficult for its purpose) to crack the code!

Twitter was the first one decoded after maybe an hour: Wins.

Facebook came in second, after an overload of clues from the Admins: Last.

VK, at last, with the help of a handful of people speaking Russian, was decoded: Surv

The final key: LastSurvWins

Early speculations quickly went towards the infamous and common feature of every game in 2018: Battle Royale, where the last man alive wins. However, once that key unlocked, Survivors had to return to the original cipher (one at the top of this article) and complete the number 1 cipher in order to fully get the teaser.

After hours of deciphering, the community did it! Worry not, it has nothing to do with Battle Royale (thank god!). Here’s the message that the community received once deciphered:

Survivors, if youre reading this, it means youve been able to decipher my letter. I managed to overhear a conversation of military men discussing a new weapon in the game. We also noticed an SOS signal coming from the camp. You have to go there and save one of your men. The New Year is near, so its worth visiting theSnowy Race Track”.

The new weapon part had already been teased about earlier this week with the Mini Uzi. What is [somewhat] new, is that it seems that a new type of mission will be introduced with the new update, which had also been teased earlier this week. The mission will most likely consist of a rescue mission! It certainly sounds like promising rewards, but at what cost?

Finally, the message ends with a mention of the Snowy Race Track being worth visiting since the New Year is closing in. Does that mean that a new event is on the rise for the New Year? Or that the update could roll out around that time? On can speculate either way, but we already are making the best of the Christmas Event and we hope that you are too!

Parting Words

While this could have been a whole lot of fun, the difficulty level was incredibly high even though we agree that yes, ciphers are not meant to be easy, they are however meant to be doable with only a few clues, or even none. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case this time, so many people simply gave up, which made it even more difficult for those who pulled through until the end (Skilled Survivor: GamerMasis [GRINDYBORK] was the true hero this time around. Thank you and congratulations to all those who contributed!)

“Unnecessarily complex” is probably the best way to describe what happened today in the LDoE universe. Nonetheless, the reward at the end was really tasty and we very much look forward to the upcoming update that will include a new type of rescue mission with a new Mini Uzi! No release date announced yet, but we still have the Christmas Event to enjoy, right?

Are we missing something? Make sure to let us know below!

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