Explorers! We’ve got some very exciting stuff in this new apk! Although this isn’t too big of an update, there are some juicy info in between the lines!

Disclaimer: It is important to highlight that anything that we have found in the APK DOES NOT mean that it’ll eventually be part of the game. We could also be interpreting some of these things wrong, so please, read and comprehend carefully.

If you do not like potential (because all of this could never see the light of day, be misinterpreted by us or even simply be there to mess with us!) spoilers, then we suggest that you refrain from going any further!













Still with us? Then let’s go!

Weekly Dinos

We’ve gotten two sets of weekly Dinos in this apk, one of which seems quite obvious when it would drop, the other one is still a mystery. If what we found turns out to be true, we are getting one Legendary and two Uniques to finish the Christmas event! Which is quite exciting!


Commons: Apatosaurus + Stegosaurus
Rares: Charlie + Delta + Dracorex
Epics: Blue + Brachiosaurus + Sinoceratops
Legendary: Paramoloch
Unique: Tuoramoloch

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Commons: Gallimimus + Triceratops Gen 2 + Stegosaurus
Rares: Carnotaurus + Baryonyx Gen 2
Epics: Blue + Brachiosaurus + Tyrannosaurus Rex + Stygimoloch
Unique: Indoraptor

Now, we have no idea why Fallen Kingdom would be a theme. The movie was released in June of 2018, and the DVD/Blu ray release was in September of 2018. This could be a simple throwback event, which is something we’d very much be down with!

New Boss Strikes

With the increased amounts of strikes we’ve seemed to be getting for the past two weeks, we did also find quite a few more Epic Boss Strikes in the APK. Beware, some of them would end up being VERY difficult if they are happening, but worry not, we’ll be here to guide you through them!

Indoraptor +Stygimoloch +Blue

Gorgosaurus + Gorgosuchus

Miragaia + Tuojiangosaurus + Kentrosaurus



Spinosaurus + Spinosaurus Gen 2



Stygimoloch Revenge (no clue what this means, but it’s in there)

Triceratops + Triceratops Gen 2 + Sinoceratops

Other X-mas Details

Another thing that we found in the APK is related to potential Store Bundles in the Store. If what we found is true, we could be getting:

  • X-mas Premium Bundle (we know some people who would go crazy on those!)
  • X-mas Rare Bundle
  • X-mas Epic Incubator

Parting Words

Although some of us will be disappointed at the unique and legendary featured on Xmas (if they end up happening), it should still be an exciting week and certainly a week worth looking forward to! Keep in mind, that everything we found will not necessarily happen! Things could be there to mislead us, or we could be misreading things, or they could simply never happen! This time around, it’s only a small mine as there wasn’t too much new content. But as always, remember this info can change at any time so stay tuned!

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  1. I don’t know how to feel about potential deals…they always seem to be timed VERY poorly. Like, for instance, I could very well be in the minority for all I know but it just -feels- like whenever I have spare money to treat myself, it doesn’t line up at all with their sales.

    On one hand, it can be considered a blessing in disguise as one might consider that impulse buying is simply negated as a result. On the other hand, it’d be nice to have the ability to plan around my pay periods (the fairly standard twice a month cycle).

    Maybe this is all in my head because I’ve had SO MANY expenses and bills lately and with Xmas shopping for my family on top of it all, I just feel broke all the time. Come the end of this month and beyond, though, hopefully I can budget more easily as I have essentially finished taking care of most of my base needs.

    In any case, if these turn out the way as currently seen, I’m loading up on Blue when the time comes. I have well more than enough T-Rex and Sino now to tide me over for a while yet (funnily enough, it’s so-called common DNA holding me back) and I want to at least get Blue up to 20 (19-1/2 right now) and have some left over for potential hybrid material. Can’t very well say they won’t do something with a key dinosaur to the (current) franchise like her.