Survivors! Kefir! just released a new image of a hazmat suit on their official Twitter. What could this be?

The post says: “On this Thursday’s under development section we want to drop a hint about the forthcoming changes at one of the locations. Any wild guesses?“.

Our wild guess

We’re here today to take a wild guess Kefir!; our guess is that it is related to the bunker Alfa. We say this because the suit looks brand new and very good quality. Something that a scavenger could not find or make. It’s very likely that this will be used on a floor filled with gas, or other toxins in bunker Alfa on floor 3 or 4. There is also a possibility that it will be equipped like the power armor in the wall of Sector 7. Why? Because it looks like it will protect the entire body. Perhaps we’ll get a timer determining how long one can be in it. Who knows!

Why Alfa?

It is not likely to be associated with the airfield, since the announcement says “changes at one of the locations” and it’s also unlikely going be a piece of armor equippable like the gas mask or normal armor, simply because it has to be bound at a location. We don’t really see another option for this hazmat suit to be in, because there is no good reason for a full good shape hazmat to be in a farm, motel or a gas station. Right?

Therefore, our guess is that it will be for a change for bunker Alfa like a new floor between 3 and 4. Whatever it is, it’s probably going to give us a ton of loot and will probably be a valuable addition to the game!

In other news – Hunters’ Camp Returns!

Reports are coming that the Hunters’ Camp is appearing for a second time on the map! While many of us were under the impression that it would be a one-time thing, we’re certainly glad that it’s returning! We’ll be honest, the loot was worse than the first one, but not incredibly bad given that we’re rewarding another pair of puppies! Check out the loot we received below! The difficulty level was the same.

These are the rewards you get for searching all the caves, but there is no medkit anywhere so you will need to bring your own. It is still worth it in our opinion, since you don’t really use that much to get the stuff and you don’t even need a true friend dog to get the loot.

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