It would appear Ludia is at it again! We’re receiving reports that treasure chests are out, and that for some odd reason you can collect one per hour!

Those logging into their games right now are getting the following notification:

And sure enough, the forums confirm the reports! Welcome to Coin Chase! Starting January 7th and going until February 3rd, treasure chests are going to work a little bit differently. Currently, chests appear on a day and you can open four of them if you manage to hit them every 6 hours.

But during this four weeks of wealth, chests will appear for several days each week, and you’ll be able to open them once per hour!


That’s right explorers. This is a wonderful opportunity to stock up on coins. You could cash in on up to 25,000 coins per day.

Of course, that might require not sleeping. But who cares. Sleep is for the weak.

So get out there and grab some coins!

To see the full post on the coins chase, head to the Ludia forums by clicking this link and see for yourselves.