Hello Survivors! Christmas time has finally come (for Android users only still at the time of publishing this article) and not in the from of some rubber parts and stone bricks under your tree: 3 new bosses have been added for limited time events!

Claus, Kramp and Greg are their names. All of them are extremely difficult by themselves but we’ll try our best to explain them step by step!


Claus is a big green floater-bloater like zombie that has 1000 health! But he is by far not the biggest problem. While you try to kill him you will get frozen but the temperature, and you will be followed by A LOT of henchmen and dynamiters that will try to kill you. The henchmen have 120 health and will run after you. The dynamiters are exploding zombies that will explode if you are near them. It would be the best idea to get claus close to the dynamiters and explode them next to him. The explosion will do around 100 damage to Claus and other zombies. Be sure to stack up on weapons and fur armor before heading out as the cold will affect you (i.e. damage you)!


Kramp is a blind one type zombie that lives in the infected junkyard. It’s in a walled off area that has explosive barrels and will close if you fight him. He has 1000 HP just like Claus and can regain health by eating. He is kind of the same boss as the blind one only there is one important difference: the crawlers. Crawlers are low hp zombies that try to attack a big instant kill gas tank in the north of the area. If they hit it enough or Kramp charges it twice it will explode and kill you. The best tactic is to bait Kramps charges into the exploding barrels at the sides quickly and then when he is healing kill the crawlers.

Another strategy, if you have enough supplies, is to use the Grenade Launcher to destroy the multiple waves of crawlers coming before they hit the gas tank. This will allow you to focus on Kramp rapidly.


Greg is a ravager type of boss zombie that spits quickly and deadly. The green spit heals him when he walks over it and damages you. When he is low health he runs back to his farm and 3 “not gregs” will appear. These will just run around and spit all over the map. The spit will stick and heal Greg when he walks over. This battle is not to hard if you just keep moving and watch your step. Just bring a lot of weapons and restock on them when greg runs back to the barn.

And that’s it for the bosses, I wish you the best of luck killing them and a happy new year!

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