Survivors! Anubis, who is an admin for the official LDoE VK social media platform has released 2 new concept images / fan art for the Swamp & ATV! In today’s article, we will make some speculations on what we believe these images pertain to!

This is the first image posted by Anubis. It shows a survivor in a hazmat suit, as well as a new vehicle and a new zombie. The background of this image depicts a land mass consistent to the swamp. Kefir!’s developers have confirmed in the past that the swamp location will require the ATV to travel there.
This is the second image posted by Anubis. This image consists of the same characters shown in the first image. This shows us a clearer image of the vehicle that we believe to be the ATV.

Our Best Guess:

Today we will be making some speculation about these images. Firstly, we think the image shown here depicts a new vehicle, the ATV. The ATV is a vehicle which is currently craftable but is unable to be finalized. The developers at Kefir have been teasing the ATV occasionally for several months. Based on the background of the image, we also believe that it is in the swamp location. The swamp location is not currently in the game, though this is another topic which the developers at Kefir have hinted about in the past. Finally, we believe that the ATV will be beyond the sector 7 wall!

Why Behind Sector 7?

Currently, Sector 7 is full of radiation and requires the hazmat suit to enter unharmed. Based on the images which Anubis provided, we can see that it appears the character is in a yellow hazmat suit. In LDoE, the only location currently in the game which has the hazmat suit and radiation is the Infected Wastelands beyond sector 7. We can also see in the first image the very dark, gloomy and overall grotesque background. These characteristics align with some of the characteristics found in the Infected Wasteland, which is the only travelable location beyond Sector 7 currently in the game. Therefore, based solely on the hazmat suit and the background in the images, we believe that the ATV and Swamp may be coming soon!

What to Prepare:

If the ATV is coming in the near future, preparation to craft it is necessary. The list of finalization requirements can be found below. All of these items are currently obtainable in the game, except for the ATV Transmission. To ride the ATV when it becomes released will require the ATV Driver skill. This is an extremely rare skill which can be obtained by farming in the northern zones. This skill is sometimes regarded as the hardest skill to obtain, as the Northen Zones are regarded as the hardest zone to farm and gain zone XP at.

Disclaimer: Kefir occasionally changes finalization recipes, so we advise you not to place any objects into the ATV until it is added to the game.

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