With a new week of featured DNA, some interesting supply drop changes and the end of another tournament season, we thought it was time for another news roundup!

Coin Chase!

Treasure chests have appeared on the map! Unlike previous times we’ve seen similar events, these will stick around for 3 days (and will return for the next 4 weeks). They also reset each hour, though give much fewer coins than past chests have.

Grypolyth Weeks

The Weekly Hybrid event continues, with Grypolyth remaining as the featured hybrid. That means this week, it’s the Epic Gryposuchus that will be spawning!

As Pocemon told us last time,

“Grypolyth is a very capable offensive counter meta tank that can output 3,000 Damage per turn and is a safer counterpart to Diorajasaur, so try and get as many of its components as you can!”.

Lythronax is also still around as a Special Event Supply Drop spawn for another 24hrs if you find yourself running low, though Purrusaurus Gen 2 can now be found in parks again.

Supply Drop Changes

Many of you may have already noticed that along with a slight graphical change, the amounts of items received from supply drops increased yesterday. While the daily cap remains the same, making those caps more easily achievable on busy days is very welcome! Nothing has been announced by Ludia, so we don’t know whether this is a permanent and/or intentional change.

UPDATE: Since publishing, Ludia has posted on their forum about the changes, confirming it is an increase of 50% to coins and darts (and cash, though Ludia doesn’t mention this) received from supply drops, and will continue until Feb 4th, to help players hit the caps while braving the cold!

Season 4 of the Tournament is over

Yesterday saw the end of Season 4 and we spent it either furiously fighting for those extra trophies or avoiding the arena completely. Even those of us that enjoy the added competition (and rewards!) of the Tournament system will readily admit it there remains a lot of room for improvement. Let’s hope Ludia continues to respond to feedback and further adapt the framework around battling so it is always fun and rewarding for everyone. Based on prior tournaments, we can expect our rewards to come through by the end of the week.

What we expect to see in the coming weeks

Speculation time, explorers! Many of us are starting to impatiently expect patch 1.6 to be right around the corner, but when might we get the notes/see it drop? We think it’s likely we’ll have at least 3 more weeks of 1.5, as there remain 3 weekly featured dino themes in the APK (Fast, Cunning and Fallen Kingdom) that have not been used yet this patch. However, we’ve seen Ludia repeat weeks in the past; and they could always just patch in some extra themes without a full 1.6 release.

Parting Words

While this week may not be the most exciting week (despite what Boon thinks!); do remember an upcoming patch could shift any of these currently lackluster counter-attackers into must-have ingredients, so it never hurts to stock up! And don’t miss the 1-Step Boss Strike appearing tomorrow, expected to be a level 30 Postimetrodon.

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