Please Note: These strike events with level 30 dinosaurs are quite hard. Even level 30 common dinosaurs can pose a real challenge for a team of level 20’s if you don’t play your cards right. We aim to give you the best chance to win, but don’t just use our counters because we said they’re good. Be aware of your team strengths and what you’ve invested coins into. At the end of the day, you’ve gotta survive some brutal attacks and hit through a rough dodge.

Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Postimetrodon (30)

  • Defense Shattering Strike: Deal 1x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.
  • Ferocious Strike: Deal 1x Damage. Damage increased +50% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 3 turns)
  • Defense Shattering Impact: Deal 1.5x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.
  • Regeneration: Priority. Cleanse Self. Heal 50% HP.

Remember: Postimetrodon is also IMMUNE – which means damage over time won’t work on this monster.

Damage & Health Chart

Postimetrodon doesn’t look so bad in the stat category up front, but this dinosaur can be a bit deceiving. For one, that immunity can pose a real problem. You can’t slow Posti down, and you can’t lay on a damage over time effect. Worse still, you also can’t distract her. But alone, Posti is still pretty beatable.

Here’s our chart of the moves, damage, and health of this monsters at level 30. Because of the cooldown of Ferocious Strike, you’ll never see double-stacked FS moves (that’d be insane), but it was worth pointing out that every defense shattering strike and defense shattering impact after Posti does ferocious strike is improved by the values below.

Dinosaur/Move Health (At Lvl 30) Damage (At Lvl 30)
Postimetrodon 5105 1216
Defense Shattering Strike 1216
Ferocious Strike 1824
Defense Shattering Impact 1824
Regeneration 0
After Ferocious Strike Buff
Defense Shattering Strike 1824
Defense Shattering Impact 2736

While the total health pool isn’t that scary, the fact that she can regenerate really might make this battle go on longer than you want. So the focus here is going to be on laying on as much damage as possible as quickly as possible.

So how do you beat these foes?


The goal here is to get Postimetrodon to burn Regeneration and lay on as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Postimetrodon shouldn’t be one-shotting most of the dinosaurs you have in your squad, aside from raptors who will at least hit first. So focus on the beefy side of your team that kicks out high damage.

Stegodeus, for instance, may be taking all that armor piercing damage, but it should live long enough to hit once or twice and hit hard. Same is true for the chompers. Tyrannasaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Allosinosaurus, Thoralodosaur, Trykosaurus, beasts like this should be able to take a big bite out of Posti and live a move or two.

A fair number of hit and runners also prove useful, even if their big moves aren’t going to land the status effects you’d want. Diloranosaurus, Diloraicherous, Erlidominus, Utasinoraptor, Utarinex, Pyrritator are all good calls for the high damage output up front on turn 1 and the survivability into turn 2.

And of course, using something that has swap-in-strike or swap-in-defense shattering rampage is going to be really useful as well because that move will happen before Postimetrodon regenerates, since swaps happen before moves (even priority moves).

It’s worth mentioning, using a nullifier might help to some degree too. It definitely is not necessary, but getting rid of that extra 50% buff will add to the survivability of a lot of dinosaurs.

All in all, this is a go-for-broke, bring out your big guns scenario. You want to lay on a healthy helping of hurt as quick as you can, and ideally maintain priority with dinos that have above 124 speed. Similar to the single step T-Rex strike, it’s all about putting together a team that can do 5000 damage in 3 or 4 turns ideally so that you take out that nasty creature before it can really get going.

Possible Counters By Rarity (Level Dependent)

Unique: Diloracheirus, Indoraptor, Utarinex, Tuoramoloch, Diorajasaur

Legendary: Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Diloranosaurus, Allosinosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Pyrritator, Utahsinoraptor, Diloranosaurus

Epic: Stegoceratops, Spinotahraptor, Ouranosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rare: Einiasuchus, Suchotator

Common: Velociraptor, Tanycolagreus


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

This strike may prove difficult for some, but it shouldn’t be harder than the other epic strikes you’ve faced in the past. If you have beaten epic strikes with level 30 dinosaurs, you should be able to do this one.

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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