Explorers! With the launch of Week 33, Ludia announced a new Tournament season starts 17th Jan and will run until 4th Feb. While this may be unwelcome news to a lot of players, I think Ludia have again made some positive steps to improving the Tournament system.

Season 5


  • Trophy Setting: Everyone above 4,500 trophies at the beginning of the 5th Seasonal PvP will be reset to 4,500 trophies + half of any trophies they had above 4,500 with a maximum possible starting number of 5,500. Players with trophy counts under 4,500 at the beginning of the Season will not be affected.
    • Important: Once Season 5 goes live, if your trophies are not reset, please re-launch your App. Any trophies acquired in battle prior to a reset will not be added to your final score.
  • Dates: January 17th to February 4th
  • Guaranteed Prize: Erlikosaurus DNA
  • Matchmaking System: See here for details: https://ludia.gg/JWA_Forum_SeasonMatchMaking


Why I’m Excited

For the first time, we have a highly desirable hybrid component for one of the strongest dinosaurs in the game, Erlidominus, as a Guaranteed Prize. This is great news for the majority of explorers, as the threshold to get at least 250 useful and elusive DNA is very achievable for most active players. Not only that, but for those competing on the leader board the difference between a top 250/100/50 finish is finally relevant, giving 2/3x as much precious Erlikosaurus DNA. That said, the lack of differentiation in Guaranteed Prize rewards for those below the top 250 remains a very understandable sore point for those competing for the lower prize tiers.

Coming only 10 days after the prior one may not be much of a break, but (relatively) quick and frequent seasons does mean a lot of players getting more rewards from the Tournament system. While ‘the rich get richer’ continues to be a common argument against this idea, we are approaching a point where those getting the high tiers of rewards are fast approaching endgame. Increasing the flow of coins, cash and DNA to players increases choices and helps ease the burden of being ‘locked in’ to a given arena team based on prior investment. This is healthy for the meta and will keep battles more varied and interesting.

Parting Words

I will be the first to admit the Tournament system remains far from perfect. Greater reward differentiation, the ability to opt in/out (or otherwise addressing the conflicting incentives of earning incubators and Tournament rewards) are just some of the numerous possible improvements. It is however important to focus on the increasingly positive aspects of the feature, as it’s a lot easier to enjoy the Tournaments that way!

As a final reason to get excited, season 5 ending on 4th Feb is further evidence of 1.6 being imminent! The end of season 3 directly preceded a major patch, and 4th Feb is when we expect to run out of Featured Weeks currently in the apk.

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