Please Note: These strike events with level 30 dinosaurs are quite hard. Even level 30 common dinosaurs can pose a real challenge for a team of level 20’s if you don’t play your cards right. We aim to give you the best chance to win, but don’t just use our counters because we said they’re good. Be aware of your team strengths and what you’ve invested coins into. At the end of the day, you’ve gotta survive some brutal attacks and hit through a rough dodge.

Enemy Overview

Step 1:   Gorgosuchus (30), Gorgosaurus (30)

GorgosuchusDefense Shattering Strike: Deal 1x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.

Ferocious Strike: Deal 1x Damage. Damage increased +50% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 3 turns)

Defense Shattering Rampage: Deal 2x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.

Cleansing Impact
: Deal 1.5x damage. Cleanse Self.


GorgosaurusDefense Shattering Strike: Deal 1x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.

Ferocious Strike: Deal 1x Damage. Damage increased +50% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 3 turns)

Defense Shattering Impact: Deal 1.5x damage. Destroy Shields. Bypass Armor.


Damage & Health Chart

While neither of these two monsters have immunity (thank goodness), they still will likely prove quite difficult for any player in the middle of the game. Bleeding is always a favorite strategy against things that don’t have immunity, but with the addition of a cleansing move that actually does damage (aka – the computer will probably use it as opposed to something like Instant Distraction that they notoriously don’t use) makes this particular matchup a bit… complex.

Here’s our chart of the moves, damage, and health of this monsters at level 30.

Dinosaur/Move Health (At Lvl 30) Damage (At Lvl 30)
Gorgosuchus 4376 1653
Defense Shattering Strike 1653
Ferocious Strike 2480
Defense Shattering Rampage 3306
Cleansing Impact 2480
Gorgosaurus 5105 1945
Defense Shattering Strike 1945
Ferocious Strike 2918
Defense Shattering Impact 2918

Unfortunately, if either monster gets off a ferocious strike… the outlook gets grim. Below is my table for after a Ferocious Strike from either monster (not including any potential critical hit).

Note: Because of the cooldown of Ferocious Strike, you’ll never see double-stacked FS moves (that’d be insane), but it’s worth pointing out that every hit after either of these two does ferocious strike is improved by the values below.

After Ferocious Strike Buff Damage (At Lvl 30)
Defense Shattering Strike 2480
Cleansing Impact 3720
Defense Shattering Rampage 4959
Defense Shattering Strike 2918
Defense Shattering Impact 4377

Yeah. It doesn’t look great.

So how do you beat these foes?


I’ll just up-front say that Suchotator might be the MVP here for mid-level players. It’s got the lethal wound, the nullifying for ferocious strike, and the instant distract to delay your untimely death for one additional turn. Many people may need to rely on this incredibly useful rare dinosaur to make this battle work.

Of course, with Gorgosuchus being able to cleanse, it’s possible to lose that damage over time. It’s a much cleaner fight with Gorgosaurus where you can lethal wound it, take a ferocious strike (hopefully) and get a nullify off before taking a dive — or maybe (depending on level) get a instant distract AND a nullify in.

No matter what you do, the key here will likely be combining lethal wounding with swap in strikes (or defense shattering rampages) and stuns. The only way to force Gorgosuchus or Gorgosaurus to delay the onslaught is to stun, distract, and hit and run into more damage.

While the raptors normally provide some great turn one damage in addition to distraction, they may not give you the best bang for your buck. Remember, Gorgosaurus is SLOOOOOW (speed of 102) and while Gorgosuchus is a bit faster, it’s still not world-breaking fast, clocking in at 120.

What this means is you may get some better use out of your Indominus Rex (versus Gorgosaurus) if you’ve got one at a higher level with cloak and armor piercing rampage, or out of your Paramoloch with two stunning turns and a rampage and run. And don’t be afraid to roll out the other token double stunner in your Stegoceratops. That thing could really save your bacon if you can get a lethal wound off with something else first.

The word of the day is delay. Stun them, distract them, nullify them, and bring out everything you can that will take huge chunks of damage off these monsters because just under 10,000 health is a big number to beat.

Low Level Counter Guide (NEW)

If you’re a newer player who has a lot of trouble with these level 30 strikes, this section is for you. The rules of the low level counter guide are simple. Can we figure out a way to beat a strike like this one with using only level 15 and lower dinosaurs? And if so, how would someone with a team like that pull it off?

Big thanks to Dwebble, Pocemon, and Temerity for putting this info together and running the matchups!

The way to pull it off is via a bleeder strategy. What you’ll need:

  • Level 15 Suchotator*
  • Level 14 Wuerhosaurus*
  • Any level Suchomimus or Dimorphodon
  • Fourth dino is flexible. May want another bleeder with lethal wound like Spinosaurus Gen 2.

*The levels of these two dinosaurs could be reversed. Using a level 13 Dracorex Gen 2 as the fourth dino would also allow your
Suchotator and Wuerhosaurus to BOTH be level 14, but we’d recommend using another lethal wounding bleeder as the fourth dino.

Here’s how this plays out. Note, this strategy requires two things to work. It requires that Gorgosuchus comes out first, and that no one takes a critical hit. The only way to make it work if Gorgosaurus comes out first is to have the fourth dinosaur be something with lethal wound as well and speed above 120 (aka Spinosaurus Gen 2 or Dimodactylus at any level). Might want to do that just in case.

  • Lead with Suchotator and use Lethal Wound. Sucho takes damage but survives (if no crit)
  • Swap to Dimorphodon or Suchomimus to get Swap-In wound. Dimorph or Sucho takes a hit and dies, but should trade with Gorgosuchus or Gorgosaurus (unless Gorgosuchus uses cleansing impact in which case we’re hosed). But you should trade. 1 down and 1 to go.
  • Put in Suchotator again and lethal wound. Suchotator dies. (Note: If Gorgosaurus led, you need to put in Spinosaurus Gen 2 or Dimodactylus here instead and use lethal wound. Let your dino die before putting in Wuerhosaurus)
  • Put in Wuerhosaurus and use Instant Distract.
  • Wuerhosaurus uses Thagomizer to win (or swap to Dracorex Gen 2 to win).

The other way to do this is to use any level Stegoceratops. If you use the move order Slowing Impact > Greater Stunning Strike, Greater Stunning Impact and swap to a swap-in bleeder, Stegoceratops can essentially solo Gorgosuchus or Gorgosaurus. So having this as your fourth dino will also potentially help you out of a bad situation if you lose a dino to a critical hit.

Between these two strategies, a low-level player should have a fighting chance.

Possible Counters By Rarity (Level Dependent)

Unique: Diloracheirus, Indoraptor, Utarinex, Tuoramoloch, Diorajasaur

Legendary: Diloranosaurus, Paramoloch, Spinotasuchus, Allosinosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Monostegotops, Indominus Rex, Pyrritator, Utahsinoraptor, Dracoceratops

Epic: Stegoceratops, Spinotahraptor, Ouranosaurus, Pyroraptor, Sinoceratops, Dimodactylus,Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rare: Einiasuchus, Suchotator, Delta, Charlie, Diplotator, Tenontosaurus, Edmontosaurus

Common: Velociraptor, Tanycolagreus


If you manage to pull this off, you’ll end up with an Epic Incubator with a total DNA count based on your current player level. Pretty sweet.

In Conclusion

This strike packs a punch. A really big punch. Without stunners and distractors combined with lethal wounders, it’s really going to be a struggle. It’s above average in terms of difficulty based on the matchups I worked out, but should still be doable for those who have completed epic strikes like this in the past.

Good luck out there! Let us know how it goes!

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