It appears Ludia went ahead and posted the first teaser for update 1.6 that we think is coming soon.

The below image was recently tweeted by Ludia, seemingly in anticipation of the new patch.

Are these new dinosaurs or hybrids? The tweet contained the following text:

New inGen experiments will be coming to life this winter! Zoom to scroll and guess which creatures’ DNA you’ll need to fuse. Start preparing.

Interesting stuff!!!

In other news, Ludia has a new in game survey. In it they ask us about Seasons (formerly called Tournaments) to see our thoughts on their new plans. They state the following –

Seasons are recurring competitions over a long period of time.
In the future, we are also planning on developing a feature that will consist of opt-in, short duration competitive battle events where players can choose whether or not they participate. These will be our new “Tournaments”.
We intend for these two systems to co-exist.

What does this all mean?

It seems to be indicating that “Seasons” are what we now see, only they will eventually focus on giving us rewards based on our highest trophy count over a given period of time. This will encourage us to keep battling and not worry so much about where we end up — instead aiming for hitting a new highest score during a season.

We like that idea, as it definitely takes some of the pressure off and the anxiety about choosing to go into the arena or not.

It also means eventually we’ll get something shorter duration — perhaps even something that allows for even levels or for no-hybrid battles or for hybrid only etc. Including this second opt-out short-duration tournament would be pretty cool as well — if it allows for greater variation in battle and strategy.

All in all this appears to be good news! We’ll keep you up to date if we hear anything more!