Commanders, the English release of Langrisser Mobile is now slowly rolling out on Android and iOS! It’s already live in the US and more regions are being activated  If you pre-registered for the game (check our Langrisser Mobile pre-registration rewards last minute guide), you should be able to start claiming your rewards throughout this week.

Here are a few tidbits of information:

  • If your Android device is not showing the update, try restarting your phone. If it’s still not showing up, your region hasn’t gone live yet.
  • You can skip the queue by using this handy link: Play Store direct link
  • Langrisser Mobile download size is around 1.16 GB which includes the APK and the OBB file with additional data
  • These are the best pulls using the gifted release currency:
    • Ledin – Fighter.
    • Leon – Knight.
    • Dieharte – Knight (Assassin type).
    • Luna – Pegasus Knight.
    • Liana – Sister (Healer).
    • Bernhardt – Fighter.
    • Bozel – Mage.
    • Altemuller – Hawk Knight.
    • Elwin – Fighter.
    • Cherie – Hawk Knight.
  • Our Langrisser Mobile database and wiki is coming soon, so stay tuned for that!