Recently, we have been given the opportunity to ask a few questions to the Producer of Last Day on Earth himself, known as Cloud on the Discord community. While we were tempted to ask very tedious questions, we decided to keep a general tone, and the answers provided were actually really on point! Without further ado, let’s dive in!

BoonSlevin:How many people are actively working on the game?

Cloud: About 50 people actively work on the game, but we also have about 20 people joining from time to time to help. 

Notes: Considering the level of details and mechanics in this game, 50 people is surprisingly not many people! They must be working days and nights on this game to deliver what us, the players, see as the final product!

BoonSlevin: What was the inspiration for zombies? Were you inspired by other games or by some of the classic movies?

Cloud: Sure thing! The idea had been floating around for a while, maybe 2 years or so. There were also a few prototypes before we managed to have this product. We always wanted to do a zombie survival game. We just didn’t know where to start, but we’re certainly glad of where we’re at right now!

BoonSlevin: How far ahead are things planned for and how much can you tell us about what will be coming in a month, in a year, in two years, etc.?

Cloud: Things are are planned for a year ahead. Although these plans often change throughout time based on players’ reactions, feedback, metrics, etc. We have to adapt of course!

Notes: A year ahead may not seem like a lot since other games often have things planned for two, three, even five years ahead, but considering that they are still in the Beta stages; and that they adapt regularly based on the community’s feedback, a year worth of planning in advance is incredibly a strong base for future content!

BoonSlevin: How many players does LDoE attract on a daily basis? Is it still attracting more new players?

Cloud: While the amount of regular players decreased since the first few months following the release of the game, we still have a lot of new players on a regular basis. The “boom” that we received at launch was incredible, and we are still attracting a very good amount of players regularly! 

Notes: While we were hoping for actual numbers, we are not surprised that none were actually provided (we have never had game developers share actual numbers for this with us). However, we are very hopeful for the future of this game. The outreach is incredibly good (among the best we’ve ever seen), the marketing is also amazing, and LDoE has a very large amount of followers on the various social medias.

Facebook: Over 1 million followers!
Twitter: Closing in on 50,000 followers!
Discord: Over 100,000 members! Now this is outstanding!

BoonSlevin: When is the end of the Beta phase scheduled for? Or will it be only when a certain stage of the game is reached, and if so, what stage would that be?

Cloud: Oh! That’s easy. Beta ends when we reach a stable build that contains a lot of multiplayer content for the players to play with.

Notes: While we were hoping for something a bit more specific, it actually makes a lot of sense. Multiplayer content is clearly the focus in the recent updates and we couldn’t more excited! There currently are over 20,000 clans at the moment, so multiplayer will certainly boost the experience greatly!

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BoonSlevin: Should we expect Hordes to increase in difficulty or their mechanics to be modified at some point? The reason we ask is that they feel a bit “pointless” except for new players.

Cloud:Yeah. We’re planning to change horde. At the moment the plan is to give player an ability to completely destroy horde’s nest. Thus making a player base safe from the horde, but new Outposts will still be raided by zombies and raiders from time to time. So look-out!

Notes: Now that is very interesting details regarding the Outposts, which were recently teased by the marketing team. Many were expecting Outposts to be a safe place to trade, but we now know that these locations will be raided by Zombies and Raiders! What a good way to make things interesting!

BoonSlevin: Could you speak about the fact that some of the items have been appearing as requirements for blueprints for a long time now (titanium for example), but are not yet released; while some other things are being released (for example the Garage)? We understand that releasing the most efficient weapons and gears right away would overpower some players, but given an appropriate spawn rate with an added difficulty to unlocking their blueprints (similar to the acid bath) would seem like a arguably decent way of doing things.

Cloud: Titanium will most likely be available at dark zone locations =)

Notes: Dark Zone locations… In the event that your knowledge of the game is too scarce, do not go crazy, this is not something that currently is available in the game. Does that mean we could expect something beyond red zone locations? Of course! And it had already been teased before, but what we now know it that Dark Zone locations will allow players to finally obtain Titanium!

Parting Words

Once again, thank you very much to Kefir for allowing us to ask some questions to the mastermind behind Last Day on Earth! If you have any questions for them, post them below and who knows, there might be a second interview at some point!

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