Explorers! Today we have probably the hardest Strike Even in history but worry not, we do have a strategy for you guys to beat it!

Enemy Overview

Step 1:  Indoraptor (30), Blue (30), Stygimooch (30)


Dinos: Spinotasuchus (19) Alanqa/Alankylosaurus (16) Suchotator (6) Spinosaurus Gen 2 (11)

So assuming the order- Indoraptor->Blue->Stygimoloch, this strategy works as follows:

Start Spinotasuchus v Indoraptor. Indoraptor Cleanses first, so hold onto the bleed till turn 2. Crit impact first, then bleed, then Spinotasuchus dies to the rampage. Indo still has one more turn before it dies unless you have a level 20 Spinotasuchus and landed the first crit. After Spinotasuchus dies, send out the Suchotator, instant distract the Strike from Indoraptor then it should be dead. Next up is Blue, if it Short Defenses turn 1, as demonstrated in the video below, Suchotator can take a hit and Lethal Wound it. It would have to be a higher level to survive a pounce, however. After that, you Instant Distract the Pounce, then die to the Strike, which by then the Blue would die to the timer on the Bleed. Last, send out the Spinosaurus Gen 2. At level 11, it survives a shielding Strike from Stygimoloch, so just Lethal Wound it Turn 1, then swap into Alankylosaurus to tank the Instant Charge with Swap In Invincibility. At level 16, it can survive the Impact and Run on Turn 3, which then the Stygimoloch dies to the Lethal Wound and that gives you the win.


Video Guide

Parting Words

Yes we know it is a very difficult Strike Event, if you don’t have the Dinos above or a team of level 25+ Dinos, most likely you would fail this event. This is the hardest event we’ve seen yet, so don’t feel bad if you have been defeated.

As always, comment down below your thoughts and let us know in our Discord what you’re darting!