Tick Tock Explorers! Season 5 is less than a day away from ending and there is much to go over and even more to be learned! Many of you may be wondering if it’s safe to camp out until the bell tolls. Will you be able to stay in your tier and get those sweet sweet prizes? After all, there is lot hanging on the line! (Hundreds of Erlikosaurus DNA, not to mention thousands in game cash and those precious coins!) We are going to make your math teachers proud today because, together, we will follow the leader boards progression over the last week, what their rate of ascent was as well as which dinos you had the highest probability of coming across. Let’s get nerdy people! 

The data collected for this article began Sunday January 27th and involved reviewing the trophy counts for the following ranks: 1, 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500. Data represents the progression in trophy count over the past week and was documented 3x/ daily at roughly 9am, 5pm, and 11pm EST culminating at 9am EST the day of this article. All players on the in-game leaderboard were included with no exclusions.


It comes as no surprise that the arena becomes more vicious as a tournament reaches its end. Players who have been sitting idle come out of the shadows and others grind harder than before with hopes of working their way up the prize tiers. Over the last week, we can clearly see that each rank felt the pressure across the board. A flat line (lower slope) suggests that that a player did not need to significantly rise in trophy count to stay within their tier. A sharp line (higher slope) on the other hand, suggests that that rank was very competitive. At a rough glance, most of the tiers progressed fairly evenly, with the exception of the top 50. As many of our readers come from all tiers in the arena, we’ll take a closer look at how each rank has progressed over the past week and do our best to predict if its safe to camp or its time to roll up your sleeves and battle.

The Top 500

Here it is! If you’re in the top 500, you are officially a ranked player. Congratulations! This was no easy feat, but we don’t need to tell you that. Being ranked is something you really have to work hard for. This means running out to catch that epic in the middle of the night, or riding shot-gun every chance you get, no matter where the destination. This goal will have you saying weird things to your friends and family: “Going to get gas? I’ll give you company!” But don’t worry, all that hard work pays off when it comes time to collect your prize: 50,000 coins, $1,200 cash, an epic incubator, and 500 Erlikosaurus DNA! With 250 players in this tier, it is also the largest ranked segment.

Just one week ago, you could have made the top 500 with “just” 5048 trophies. Sadly, this is no longer the case. The 7 days following has led to a steady rise in the cutoff and it is by no means easy to break this barrier. About 24 hours before tournament end, it will take you a whopping 5131 to become a ranked player. Rising at just about 12 trophies per day, we can predict that you’ll need well above 5143 trophies if you want to remain in the top 500. Keep in mind, this is just if we stick with the constant rate of growth we’ve seen so far. The final 12-24 hours can bring all sorts of competition that will likely make your required trophy count much higher.

The Top 250

Let’s take things a step further. Not only are you ranked, but you’re in the top half of all ranked players! It’s fair to say that Jurassic World Alive™ is a pretty big part of your day and you’re committed to being amongst the best in the game. With twice as much cash and coin on the line, there’s a very good reason break into this segment. For your hard work, you’ll get a total of 100,000 coins, $2,600 cash, an epic incubator and 500 Erlikosaur DNA.

Within the past week, breaking into the Top 250 went from needing about 5200 trophies to just short of 5300. Similar to the Top 500, this segment saw a daily rise of about 12 trophies/day. All else staying equal, expect to be at least in the 5310-5320s if you want to consider yourself in the top half of all ranked players!

The Top 50 & Top 100

These folks don’t mess around. Being in the Top 100 is an accomplishment even I haven’t attained yet. To deserve your spot here, you have to be grinding 24-7. Nope, no holidays or days off if you want this distinction.

The top ranks saw a comparatively more abrupt climb in trophy counts. It took 5364 trophies to stay in the Top 100 last week, and now less than a day before the tournament ends, they are just past 5450 with an average climb of over 14 trophies per day!! The Top 50 rose pretty significantly as well, at 5453 last week and 5559 today. That’s a massive 15 trophies per day!! Unfortunately, the volatility of the arena at this level, makes it extremely hard to predict the trophy count you’ll need to make the cut-off, but make no mistake, it won’t be easy!

The Leader and Top 10

Here it is, the top 10 in the game. With trophy counts that seem unreal and teams to match, it makes you wonder how much you’d have to hunt and how far you’d have to travel to make it here. Hoop dreams for the rest of us mere mortals, but let’s take a look at how these ranks have progressed over the last week.

No caption necessary.

Dinos of the Top 100!

Our journey is not over yet Explorers. As I concluded my research today, I decided to fill a curiosity of mine. What dinos do the top teams use? Since there will be an extended update when the tournament ends tomorrow, I wouldn’t have time to document the official Top 100 player’s teams. I’m not one for waiting around either. I decided to take a close look at the the Top 100* players of the leader board today and tallied which dinos appeared and how often. Here are the results!

*As of 2PM Sunday February 3rd, 2019.

Because an even 100 teams were tallied, the frequency at which a dino appears will equal the percent of teams that carry that specific creature as well. Are there any that surprise you? With a significant update launching right after this tournament, we’re eager to see how this will change in the upcoming season.

Parting words

I hope this was both fun and educational for you all! Remember, we can only offer estimates at best, the numbers we’ve gone over are no guarantee of the tier cut-offs when the clock hits zero. The last 12 hours can be extremely volatile for the arena and only time will tell how many trophies you’ll need, but while the clock is still ticking, be sure to check your rank to decide if battling is worth it or not. There’s no doubt, there’s a huge risk in hitting that Battle button, but you have to be the one to decide if the reward is worth it. Best of luck Explorers and may the odds be in your favor!