Valentines day is coming, and it appears Ludia had something pretty WILD up their sleeve.

Let’s take a look at what the week has in store!


Monday (24 Attempts)

Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday (30 Attempts)

Friday + Saturday (9 Attempts)
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Sunday (5 Attempts)
Indominus Rex

Which Dinos to focus on?

Yeah, this is going to be a week of hard choices.

You’ll notice that what we have here is all the components for the Legendary dinosaurs on Sunday packed into the early part of the week. What this probably means for you is what you dart is going to be swayed by what you are focusing on for Sunday.

For the commons, Velociraptor is a good choice. Especially if you don’t get out night hunting as much as you’d like. Allosaurus is also worthy of consideration, though L3 still offers a lot of worthy dinos to go after with scents and just hunting in general.

For the rares, Kaprosuchus has seemed much harder to find as a night spawn lately, so it’s a good candidate with Spinotasuchus being so prolific in the arena still. IF you’re low on Postosuchus, Spinosaurus, or Utahraptor, these too are great choices, though you’ll want to consider the following: Utahraptor still remains as a global rare and should be plentiful to find. Spinosaurus may be limited to L3, but this is a desirable hunting zone and it is not confined to either day/night (instead available anytime). And Postosuchus is the most limited of the three, limited to zone 3 as well but only in day/dawn/dusk. But my personal choice is still Dimetrodon, due to its usefulness in Tryostronix, and it’s usefulness in the newly buffed unique, Magnapyritor.

For the epics, all three are very desirable and useful. We’ve had plenty of opportunities to catch Sinoceratops lately, yet some of us (like me) who don’t have great access to Local 1 still desperately need more. Tyrannosaurus Rex also is a great option due to the usefulness in fusing for Indominus Rex, which leads to two super-meta-relevant creatures in Indoraptor and Erlidominus. And Baryonyx, though useful, may be one to pass on as you can find Bary in the wild pretty easily as a global anytime spawn right now.

Finally, the toughest choice will be the Legendary dinosaurs. We’ve never had 5 attempts at legendaries. In fact, we’ve never had more than 1 attempt. And each time we’ve had that, there was never a choice. This Sunday will be really crazy for that reason alone. Plus, the legendaries in question are all pretty meta-relevant or make meta-relevant uniques. Which means many of us may be able to focus our 5 attempts and get another level on a unique, or perhaps unlock a legendary we didn’t have yet.

Honestly, for Sunday, there are no real wrong choices. It all comes down to what you have now, what you’re focusing on leveling, and what you have yet to create.

Parting Words

It’s going to be an insane week. Let’s hope we get to see a lot more weeks like this in the future! What do you all think? What will you be focused on?

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