Explorers! Today there is a beast of a brand new Master Strike Event. Hitting us with a Level 30 Kentrosaurus, a Level 30 Tuojiangosaurus and a Level 30 Miragaia. Have no fear, here are some ideas to help you succeed.


Step 1 : Level 30 Kentrosaurus, Level 30 Tuojiangosaurus and Level 30 Miragaia.

Rarity Common
Tier Scavenger
Health 3647
Damage 1641
Speed 117
Defence 0%
Critical chance 5%

All three dinosaurs come with counter attacks. Kentrosaurus has 0.5x, Tuojiangosaurus with 0.25x Miragaia hitting you with an entire 1x damage counter. Kentrosaurus being the proud owner of two slowing moves, in the form of Superiority Strike and Thagomizer and finally Instant Distraction reducing your damage down to a mere 10% if used. Tuojiangosaurus is lucky enough to have a Swap in Ability (Slow) reducing your creatures speed by 50% for 2 turns. Finally in my opinion the most formidable of the three – Miragaia it may not have the highest health or damage however it does have a full 1x damage counter attack – its base attack consisits of a shield and if that wasn’t enough it can regenerate 50% of its overall health.


Players of a higher level who are lucky enough to have high leveled uniques and legendaries are going to find this tower a little easier than those without. Personally I used Thoradolosaur, Tryostronix, Indoraptor and Dracoceratops. However it was touch and go for me. My best advice is to use chompers and immune dinos as slowing, distracting and shielding moves are the most prevalent moves between the three of them. Indominus Rex, Magnapyritor and Monolometrodon are probably viable options. Using Tyrostronix Ready to Crush then Defense Shattering Rampage one after the other should guarantee you a huge hit without the counter attack from your first move. If you aren’t currently running and of the above remember they are not immune so you could potentially go down the route of stunning them into oblivion with easier to obtain options such as Stegoceratops, Einiasuchus or Sinoceratops.

There really isn’t a low level option for this strike. The normal low level strategy is to bleed, but it’s not really possible for a low level player to bleed 3 level 30 dinosaurs and survive the 9 massive attacks and counter attacks to make the bleeds effective. Unfortunately, this strike is going to be next to impossible without a team of 20+ dinos. But if you’re in that range and feel you have no hope, use cloak and dodge and see if you get a really lucky string of RNG.


Should you succeed your prize will be an epic incubator – these are not themed so you may get anything and contents will vary based on your current player level.

Parting Words:

This has to be one of the most difficult strike events I have played to date. Have a think about your strategy before you play as you will need to pay 200 hard cash for a retry. Let us know if this works for you and may the RNG odds be ever in your favour!


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