Update 1.11.6 has just released to the public, and with it are lots of new features, the most important of which are some major changes to storage. Carry on reading to see everything that’s in the new update.


Grenades have been a long requested and recently teased item for the game, and finally they are here. A grenade will deal a massive 200 damage to enemies that do not have armour, and most importantly you can aim exactly where you want them to go.


The most useful place that you can currently use the grenade is of course the accursed room on the third floor of bunker Alfa that’s packed to bursting with Toxic Abominations and Toxic Spitters.

Where to find it:

Currently the only locations you can find the grenades are inside of locked chests, and behind locked doors. To access these you will need to have the burglar skill unlocked at lvl 2 for some boxes, and lvl 3 for others. List of all locked box locations.

Lvl 3 locked chest.

The locked chests can be found in the farming locations, however it is complete rng as to whether or not you will find them. You are guaranteed to find the locked chests on the third floor of bunker Alfa in the top right corner past the terminal to disable the alarms. They can also be found in the second room of floor 4 which contains two Toxic Abominations, and finally in the last room of bunker floor 4 where the green military box is locked.

New storage system:

Anybody who has been playing the game for a long time will have the same problem of storage, you either have to sacrifice game performance to store all of your items in your base, or sacrifice storage capacity to have your game run perfectly smoothly at your base.

The new storage system has implemented some major changes, previously you could craft three different storage boxes:

  • Small Box
  • Chest
  • Trunk

However after the update you can only craft the small box, and upon placing it (at a max of 40 total) you will be able to access the interface of the box to upgrade it, the new system of upgrading is:

Upgrade interface.
  • Small Box
  • Chest
  • Trunk
  • Rack

The storage slots in the trunk have been increased from 35 slots to 45 slots, however the costs to craft it have not increased. After completing the trunk you can upgrade it to a rack to bring the total storage up to 75 slots, at the cost of 15 steel plates, 30 oak planks and 20 iron plates.

These changes mean that without paying for any safe’s or military boxes from the store, you will now have a total storage space of 3000 slots, and use up only 40 tiles in your base, before the update you would have 100 tiles in your base for only 2700 storage slots.

A final note to storage is the removal of the military box, this item was only obtainable by purchasing it from the store and was removed with this update and replaced with a free upgrade to a rack, we are not yet sure as to why this decision was made and as soon as we are we will be sharing this information with you all. Those that had the military box will have been compensated with a large amount of coins, whilst this is not the compensation players had in mind, they will still no doubt be useful.

Raiders Tasks:

All raiders tasks.

The raiders tasks have been a long lasting cause of aggravation for players and quite rightly so. Having to make endless chests and spike walls after already being maxed out on both was a tremendous drain on resources for those that regularly raid, and an annoyance to everyone else.

With this update the two above mentioned tasks have been removed from the game and replaced with a wide variety of new tasks. However as to be expected plenty of these tasks are quite hard to do, which will again reinforce for players that raiding is a more end-game focus as you don’t want to be raiding until your base is fully protected.

Most controversial of these new tasks include killing the Witch (a guide of which can be found here) and defeating 20 waves in the yard at Blackport PD, the main reason behind the hate for the witch task is caused by the misconception that you have to use 2 C4, among other items, to kill her. Which is simply not true, again more details can be found in the guide to killing the Witch article.

Once again thank you all for reading. Please leave any questions or passing remarks in the comment section down below, and let us know what you would like to see covered next. All the best from the team here at Metahub.