The Motel in Last Day on Earth: Survival is a permanent location in the game that is designed for new players. It is one of the easiest locations in the game to clear which also means that the loot is not as good as other permanent locations in the game. However, it is still worth clearing for a new player due to the location’s difficulty.


Here’s a map of the entire zone. It details all the places that you can loot and what types of zombies are in each room. This is useful if you need a map reference to help you clear the entire location. As you can see, most of the enemies in the motel are 40 and 80 health zombies, not much of a threat at all, with a few 240 health floater bloaters sprinkled in. Here is the loot you can expect to get from the motel:

  • Energy Drink
  • Exp magazine
  • Glock (50% Durability)
  • Combat Gear Coupon (Red ticket)


When you enter the motel, you’ll notice that there is a huge pileup of furniture that prevents you from going further in. To clear the blockage, you’ll need to bring the propane tank from outside, and place it near the blockage. Use any weapon to get the health of the propane tank to below 20 and it’ll start to explode, make sure to steer clear of the blast radius or you will get killed. Once the blockage is cleared, three roaming zombies will then start following you.

The Weeper

The Weeper is a special variant of the Floater Bloater enemy that is only found in The Motel. She has 240 health and shares many of the same stats with Floater Bloaters, but, has two things that make her stand out, one is that damage done to her is reduced and second is her special ability to stun enemies in an area around her.

Weeper charging up her special attack

Fighting her is fairly easy, as long as you dodge her stun and use a decent melee weapon, like a bat, she should be a breeze to fight. However, do not underestimate her stun ability as it’ll leave you helpless for 3 seconds. Once you get a feel for her attack pattern you should be able to kill her with ease.


Recommended Gear

Since The Motel is one of the easiest locations in the game, you won’t need to bring a lot to clear it. Here’s what I recommend:

Armour Weapons Healing Additional Items
  • Dad Hat
  • Shirt
  • Cargo Pants
  • Sneakers (Optional)
  • 1 Spear
  • 1 Baseball bat
  • A stack of food. Carrot Stew/Jerky
  • 3 Normal Hatchets


An alternative strategy for more advanced players is to go in completely naked and with nothing in your inventory at all, no healing or weapons. All your weapons and armour will come from The Motel itself. This way, you won’t spend any resources at all to do The Motel. However, this is only recommended if you have a lot of experience in the game already, and is not recommended for new players.

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