Now, I’d be lying if I said this week was particularly exciting. It’s a bit of a slower week for those not investing in tanks like Stegodeus or Gigaspikasaur, or those not working towards creating Grypolyth. But still, if we’ve learned anything about Ludia it’s that they want to take less used dinosaurs and make them more balanced, so I’ll be hitting this week hard like any other week.

There will be eight dinosaurs featured so we don’t have any marathon days, which is good. And a few of these will be interesting for those of us who haven’t unlocked Grypolyth yet, or who need components for other useful hybrids.

Monday + Tuesday (36 Attempts)

Wednesday + Thursday + Friday (18 Attempts)

Saturday + Sunday (6 Attempts)

Which Dinosaurs To Focus On

The last time we saw this lockdown week, literally none of the components made a unique and the only legendaries you could get out of this stuff were Gigaspikasaur and Stegodeus. So we’ve got a slightly improved situation here with Purrolyth and Grypolyth components. Still, the what to dart remains pretty straightforward.

For Commons: If you’re focused on getting or leveling Gigaspikasaur, Nodopatotitan, or (more likely) Stegodeus, you’re going to need a lot of Apatosaurus. So this could be a really good time for you to catch a whole bunch of long-necks. On the other hand, if you’re working on Sarcorixis, the Sarcosuchus DNA would be appreciated. But Purrusaurus Gen 2 is needed for Purrolyth – an essential component for Grypolyth, and currently Purrusaurus Gen 2 is locked up in parks. So to me, it’s a clear cut winner if you’re not in need of the other two components.

For Rares: Amargasaurus seems to be the clear winner for hybrid materials. You need Amargasaurus to make Amargocephalus and then later Tragodistis. And again, Amargasaurus is used to make Gigaspikasaur as well. The other two options do not presently have a hybrid, but they may have one someday. We didn’t find anything in the 1.6 datamine that would indicate that time is soon, however.

For Epics: The clear-cut winner is Gryposuchus here. Sarcorixis has been a huge disappointment since release and there really isn’t much an over-leveled Sarcorixis can do for your team in the end game. So if you haven’t unlocked it, this is a great opportunity to unlock it for free with little to no cost, but most people will dart Gryposuchus here to have more ammunition to make and level up Grypolyth.

Parting Words

Nothing in this week’s set is particularly earth-shattering, but I know myself and others have been looking for a “light” week and this is definitely it. So if you’re going on vacation this week, it’s a good time to do so. Or if you need to catch up on sleep, there’s no week like the present! I’ll still get out there and dart me some Gigaspikasaur ingredients! 🙂

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