If the march movement wasn’t enough, there’s even more things coming soon that we are so excited to see!

Before we get into the new events, here’s the link to the March movement events that have already been announced. HIT THIS LINK.

Let’s dive into what’s coming! On the Ludia forums, the following announcement was made!

Conquer the Carnivore Carnival!

We’re turning the heat up early in March with a week of Featured Carnivores! Expect to find a diverse group of flying, land, and hybridized meat-eaters from all the rarities, capping off with a Unique on Sunday March 10th!

St. Patrick’s Sprint to Spring!

Recently, we asked the community to vote for their favorite Unique creatures! On St. Patrick’s day, we’re going to flood the streets in GREEN! On March 17th, charge your batteries and pack your lucky charm, because you’re going to want to participate in the most rewarding DNA collection day in Jurassic World Alive history!


As someone who knows what dinos are included in the Carnivore Carnival, let me just say I’m pretty excited for next weeks featured creatures. If you were feeling underwhelmed with this week and last week, don’t worry. There’s some fun times ahead!

March Update

It’s also worth noting that Ludia made a few changes from our previous article to the March Movement. For one, the reward tiers were slightly reduced for the global challenges, but they also made them much more achievable than before. The new rewards look like this:

  • Starting: Monday, March 11th @ 10:00 AM EST
  • Ending: Friday, March 15th @ 10:00 AM EST


Important Note: The rewards are NOT cumulative.

  • Starting: Monday, March 25th @ 10:00 AM EST
  • Ending: Friday, March 29th @ 10:00 AM EST



While we might not be getting a premium incubator for reaching astronomical goals, a free Epic incubator is always worth it. Let’s hope we have no trouble achieving that level of reward!

So get out there explorers and get amped. It’s going to be a pretty amazing March!