And the Alliance Rush has ended!!! Oh what a busy weekend it was for so many Jurassic World: Alive players with this brand new feature! We weren’t sure what exactly to expect at first, but players all across the globe jumped in head first and quite literally battled it out for a top 50 spot on the Ludia Forums Leaderboards. It was fun, it was exhausting, and the results are in!

Congratulations to ALL the players who made the top 50 Leaderboard and everyone who participated! We at Metahub know how hard you were all battling, cause we were in there battling against you!

JWA_AR_Up3aJWA_AR_Up3bJWA_AR_Up3cJWA_AR_Up3dJWA_AR_Up3eNow it goes without saying that the event wasn’t perfect, and could use some changes in the future. One problem that many had with the event revolved around the rewards. Diplodocus DNA just wasn’t enough to motivate many players to get out there and battle. It is strange that Ludia would choose such a random dinosaur, a dinosaur with no hybrids that’s not really meta-relevant to give out as rewards for this new feature… but maybe it will be worth more someday – who knows? For many alliances though, it wasn’t about the rewards, it was about the competition!

This event definitely made the arena a bit more difficult in the lower trophy range as numerous reports came in of people (perhaps even whole alliances) “de-ranking” down to as low as the 1000 trophy count range, then throwing in their top 500 team and decimating helpless players. Some of Metahub’s own lower level members were facing these players and almost giving up hope, but luckily they did not! Something definitely needs to be done to fix that situation and de-incentivize this type of playstyle, and we believe that Ludia is strongly looking into it. However it was not against the rules, and perhaps some players had been playing in the lower arenas for awhile, and went into a mad rush to get back up? We can’t assume anything and again, no rules were technically broken.

The last complaint that we have heard about the event was that some players didn’t know what to do! Players were looking for something in-game to track their progress or to “join” the challenge, not realizing they were already a part of the rush! The Ludia Forums were the only place to see results and get updates, and those results only included alliance totals. We know that many of our own Metahub alliance members definitely wanted to see their own personal contribution, but that wasn’t an option.

All in all however, it was a fun new feature that with a few small tweaks, could be absolutely great! Our alliance chat in Discord was blowing up, and everyone seemed to be so active in-game! We hope it was the same for your alliance as well!

And a special shout out to all the members of the Metahub Alliance who worked so hard to achieve this amazing goal of #3 in the world… Pocemon, MypNN, JHVS123, Rikkenbacker, Anociraptor, rtcinema, Dwebble, Antithesis, Hermitess, MNBrian, Bbell09, Hkiwikiwis123, DrReebecca, spagatti, CH99, tjhalfcab06, BounceSte, tbarbuto2345, Ryhillchibulls, Stimar31, JohnWick, danniiboiic10, admatikainen, TheAquaDemon, Solaril121, RadVlad, ElvisParsley, BugCatcherDHawk, BoonSlevin, Jclebandit, Maxlamenace, NathanH96, Juno340, Fur, Povalov, jws51203, Trendz, Cubone, ChrispyChris27, Chuckydb10, Trezz, ZhengTann, ShadowWolfYT, Brayden, Bart, Cassampie67, CherryRoseGiga, Sorrin18, Pocemonjwa and StrikerVX!!  Many of our team seemed to be battling non-stop and our hard work paid off!