Explorers! A new tournament is upon us and understandably it can leave a lot of us, myself included, a little scared of what we’re going to meet when we head into the arena!

I can tell you that you’re not alone in your feelings. Even some of the best players and people who have made careers out of this game have a lot of the same worries as you or I when it comes to battling.

So I decided to have a little chat with one of those players, with almost a quarter of a million subscribers on youtube and a solid ranking team here is what youtuber Bagoyee has to say about Jurassic World Alive.

Heather: When and why did you decide to become a YouTuber?

Bagoyee: I have been a YouTuber for about 3 years.  Oddly enough, I started making videos after seeing an episode of South Park featuring another YouTuber named PewDiePie.  Until then I’d always thought it was illegal and against copyright laws to upload gameplay, but after learning what he did, I started my own channel.  I started mainly showing tips and tricks for various mobile games which seemed to help a lot of people, and eventually it grew enough that it unexpectedly turned into a job – which was nice because I didn’t have one at the time!


Heather: How many hours per day do you spend hunting / making videos?

Bagoyee: I do play several other games on my channel, so I can’t spend all my time on Jurassic World Alive.  I would say I dart about 2 hours a day, maybe more if an event is going on or I’m close to leveling a dinosaur.  I try to dart while I’m going for a walk or riding my bike, so if I don’t find anything useful, I at least got some exercise.  I usually make 5 videos per day and it takes me 3-4 hours to finish them.

Heather: What is your favourite thing about Jurassic World Alive?

Bagoyee: I’ve been a huge fan of the Jurassic Park/World movies so obviously that was my initial draw to this game.  Also, most of the games I play on my channel are single player games, so it’s nice to play one that is against real people for a change.


Heather: What is your opinion on RNG within the game?

Bagoyee: I have never really been a fan of the RNG in this game, as it seems to cause most players a great deal of frustration more than anything else.  I think more often than not it gets in the way of the better player winning and punishes and rewards players for nothing of their own doing – just tapping a button.  This unfortunately leads to many illegitimate game outcomes as well as tournament rankings. It’s not really anything special to win a game where you got 7 dodges, 9 critical hits and 5 stuns.  Anyone can win like that and your opponent would most likely have won had the RNG been reversed. To me the strategy is in shattering a shield, knowing which dinosaurs counter others, using your attacks in the best order, etc., not tapping evasive stance and hoping it works.  After all, we should be trying to determine who has the better team and who is the better player, not who’s the luckiest.


I also think there is way too much RNG.  It doesn’t bother me so much, but for starters, our team is randomly picked for us.  So you could know what counters dodge, stuns, bleeds, etc. and have them on your team of 8, but if you don’t get one of them in game you are out of luck.  Also, literally every attack is subject to one or even multiple RNG dice rolls, whether it’s deciding if it hits through a cloak, stuns the opponent and/or gets a critical hit.  Considering each player probably gets 10 or more attacks in a game, with RNG tied to each one, many times RNG decides the outcome more than the two people actually playing. I think you should have to assemble your team, take it into the arena and win on your own, not get bailed out by RNG with an under-leveled team or inferior strategy.


I do understand, to an extent, why it exists in the game though.  At least at the beginning, without RNG, we might as well have just compared dinosaur levels with our opponent and whoever had the highest would just be the winner.  Not very exciting! I think the game is getting away from that more with new dinosaurs added and swap-in/out attacks and abilities dominating the meta. To me, this shakes the arena up enough.  Now strategy can make even more of a difference than dinosaur levels and because of this, I think the game could really afford to get rid of RNG altogether without battles becoming repetitive or stale.  The variability and unpredictability that RNG was probably intended for, could just be caused by constant swaps. This would also have the added benefit of wins always being earned rather than from pure luck which would increase the legitimacy of the leaderboard.  I also believe that in a head to head battle between two of the same dinosaur, the highest level should always win. As it has been, a level 21 Indoraptor can beat a level 30 which I think is very wrong. It totally undermines the game’s leveling system as well as the effort someone put into creating the higher level dinosaur.  For these reasons, I think it would be really interesting for Ludia to look into possibly removing RNG from the game entirely as I see it only resulting in positive changes.


RNG extends beyond the battle arena as well, especially into the fusing chamber.  Someone can fuse Indominus Rex 10 times, and average 30 per fuse which would allow them to unlock it and evolve it to level 17.  Someone else could take the exact same DNA and average 10 per fuse which would only get them halfway to unlocking it, which seems rather unfair as it means we are essentially playing by different rules.


Heather: Ludia regularly updates the game, buffs/nerfs creatures, etc. what do you hope for the next update?

Bagoyee: I would like to see smaller more frequent updates that quickly balance over/under-powered dinosaurs as soon as they’re identified, fix bugs, etc. rather than allowing them to continue until the next major update.  I believe balance is very important to keeping the game fair, but also to keep it from getting repetitive in the battle arena. At least in Aviary, it seems like you never encounter more than 12 or so dinosaurs anymore.  I’d like to see the game at a point where each rarity class has all of its dinosaurs represented at roughly the same rate. Obviously those that make a higher-tier hybrid won’t be leveled as much to use, but it would be great to see Tuoramoloch and Diorajasaur as much as Indoraptor and Trykosaurus, as well as Nodopatotitan and Alankylosaurus as often as Stegodeus and Spinotasuchus, to name a few.  So, I think when dinosaurs are buffed it needs to mainly be for those that are under-represented in the arena and nerfs for those that are over-represented.


However, I think the main focus for any update should be progressive and more about making new, better dinosaurs rather than making current ones worse only so the new ones seem more relevant.  Too often we get a new legendary dinosaur that is way too powerful, then it is nerfed in a future update and given a unique that is basically the same as the legendary was before it was nerfed.  As the owner of a level 29 monomimus that is now on the bench, I can say that method is very frustrating for players and makes them hesitant to level others.


I would also like to see the tournament system reworked in a way that encourages players to battle for the entire duration of each season.  As it is now, many players just battle a few times in the beginning, get to a rank they are comfortable with and just camp. I believe a tournament should be about who is the best throughout the tournament, not just at the beginning.  Also, if enough players are camping it can take much longer than usual to get a game. Most players want to battle to be able to get their arena incubators, but understandably not at the risk of dropping their rank. I saw an idea for the final rankings to be based on each player’s highest trophy level achieved at any point during the tournament which would be a great way to correct the system and something I hope to see in the future.


Heather: Dracorex Gen 2 has been a huge talking point on the forums. What is your opinion on the dinosaur?

Bagoyee: I personally don’t see any reason why we need a common dinosaur in the game that used to be totally irrelevant, but is now causing people to forgo using max level uniques in favor of it.  The same can be said for the newly-buffed Dracoceratops. I believe they are both way too easy to get for how powerful they are. They also don’t help with diversifying the battle arena, as most players choose to include one or both on their team.  If they are going to be in the game though, that’s fine, but just like anything else, I believe we also need to have one or more dinos that are hard counters to them. Right now we don’t really have that. Your only chance is to already be cloaked and get a dodge.  We need arena-relevant dinosaurs with swap-in stun, and if we predict our opponent swapping to a Dracorex, we need to be rewarded for it by not getting hit with the rampage. Some of the new dinosaurs with swap-in stun would be great for this if they get legendary or unique hybrids in the future.  A few teams that can over-level those actually use them now, probably just for countering the swap-in rampages.


Heather: Finally, whilst I’m well aware the meta is ever changing. What is your dream team?

Bagoyee: I have most of the dinosaurs unlocked, so fortunately I can come very close to making my actual dream team, but not quite and they certainly aren’t level 30!  It would be Trykosaurus, Diloracheirus, Indoraptor, Utarinex, Magnapyritor, Thoradolosaur, Erlidominus and one I just unlocked today, Stygidaryx.


Parting Words

Some very interesting point raised and hopefully some things we will see implemented in the future!

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments!

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