Next week is going to be a BLAST. It looks like our datamine article was correct, and we’ve got the most generous week in Jurassic World Alive history!!

Monday + Tuesday (36 Attempts)

Wednesday (6 Attempts)

Thursday + Friday + Saturday (18 Attempts)
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Sunday (5 Attempts)

Which Dino’s To Focus On This Week:

For the Commons, who are we kidding… the focus this week for you should be on what you need and what you are close to leveling. We’ve got a tournament going on, so using these attempts to pop something from level 20-22 or from level 25-26 can make ALL of the difference, and all these components are useful. The trio of Allo, Tarbo, and Velo DNA might as well be a list of the fastest common DNA you run out of when trying to fuse or level Indoraptor, Thoralodosaur, and Erlidominus. Just dart what you need.

For the Rares we only have one, so dart away friend. Maybe you don’t see too many purple stegosauraie, and if that’s you, this is your chance.

For the Epics and Uniques, we’re back to need. Honestly. I’ve seen a lot of ideas tossed around. One idea is to essentially take the whole week to target ONE single unique dinosaur in hopes of creating it or leveling it up. It’s a pretty awesome strategy considering you can essentially unlock a unique with 5 attempts. And getting the component parts up to level at the same time means you can build on it. Or if you already have one of these uniques and want to really raise the bar, focusing on only materials that make that unique and focusing on that unique is a prime strategy. But the other strategy I’m seeing a lot of is the strategy of what you’re least likely to find in the wild. For epics, maybe that’s Kentrosaurus if you don’t have a local 1 nearby. Or maybe since Ankylosaurus has moved to parks, you’ve seen pretty much zero of them. Of course, Erlikosaurus is another one that’s extremely rare to find (even for Local 3 members).

And the Uniques? I think most people are focusing on Trykosaurus or Erlidominus as they tend to be by far the strongest on a team (even when underleveled or freshly created). I’m sure a case can be made for Indoraptor (more of a generalist top-tier dino) or Thoralodosaur (more of a damage monster that could make or break your match), and virtually no one I assume is going for Diorajasaur as it just doesn’t hold up well in the arena usually.


Strike Calendar

And this week we also get THREE Epic Strikes, one of which is featuring the dinosaurs from this week (Sunday’s Strike) in the incubator reward.

We’ve been slacking on guides for strikes lately, but we’ve got some new people helping out and we’ll have our content schedule back on track in no time!


Parting Words

All in all, this next week is one of the best ones we’ve ever seen. Five attempts at unique dinosaurs is going to leave us so spoiled that anything after this will feel like a downer. So make this week count, and collect that DNA!

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