LifeAfter is a first-person, zombie survival created by the company Netease. It was originally introduced to the Chinese market. The English translation update was later released on February 27, 2019. Having encountered many stale mobile knockoffs of the very popular mobile app, Last Day On Earth (LDOE), we were a bit skeptical about this new game. To say we were wrong would be an understatement. The game totally wowed us with its amazing graphics, great controls and multiplayer among other things. Here’s our impression of the game after playing it!

Character Customization

The first thing you encounter after choosing your server is a variety of character customization options. Players can customize gender, hairstyles, the face and clothes (more clothing options are available later in the game) of their character. Players also have the option to choose a dog which they can customize. We can give congratulations to LifeAfter for doing a great job of providing character customization which is vital to RPG’s. While some of the choices are a little skimpy or non-existent (skin tones), we can hope that they will be added later on.


Another great feature of the gameplay is the controls. The controls of LifeAfter are similar to Netease’s other game Rules of Survival. It has two attack buttons on either side of the screen which is useful for the FPS aspect of the game. It even has an easy access button to all weapons and tools and food/healing products like the quick scope switch button in PUBG. In the settings menu, players also have the option to completely redesign their controls.


Another notable mechanic of the game is its tutorial. We know it’s weird to gush on and on about a tutorial but LifeAfter really did go above and beyond with introducing the game mechanics. Players get a taste of what LifeAfter is all about in the first few minutes of gameplay. The tutorial starts with the option of completing it in teams (first glimpse of multiplayer) or solo and teaches players the basics through a thrilling prologue to the storyline. In our experience, most tutorials make you want to quit the game, either out of boredom or confusion. LifeAfter’s did the exact opposite. Although you have the option to skip the tutorial, we urge you not to.


The tutorial was also a great introduction to the graphics of the game. The visuals in LifeAfter are stunning. With the aid of the in-game camera that LifeAfter provides, players can capture awesome pictures of themselves and the landscape around them. The detail put into the game is incredible and despite the high quality of the graphics, we are yet to encounter any game-breaking lag.


LifeAfter’s gameplay is a truly amazing and fresh experience. It has managed to pull off many aspects of gaming that most survival games lack. Players have access to a variety of quests and tasks offered by Bulletin Boards set up at locations or from NPCs scattered around the map (which give generous rewards). Although there’s no wait time traveling between locations, LifeAfter has managed to balance the number of valuable resources players can get each day without placing game-ruining restrictions.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is phenomenal and should only get better with time. Players can move in with each other (like roommates) and they can also join private camps (clans/guilds). The game emphasizes teamwork and collaboration through its multiplayer option when entering locations and completing quests. The game has also implemented a trading system that actually works and promotes the growth of a resource economy in-game. The only negative comments we have about the gameplay is the duration of the weather in LifeAfter. This is more of a nuisance rather than a game breaking issue but the weather cycles are rather long and happen a lot.


Although we could go on and on about how great LifeAfter is, we’d rather you try it out for yourselves. Our opinion of the game is a 4.5/5. The game is really quite fantastic but could improve on little things (more customization, more servers, etc.) The link to the official LifeAfter app is here. If any of this piqued your interest, we think you should go check out the game. Tell us what you think of the game in the comments.