Update 1.11.8 has just dropped and it has added an absolute tonne of new things to the game, including more active mods for weapons and a whole heap of new events, so grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back to read an overview of all of the changes added in this update.

The main changes we’re covering will be:

• Map remodelled
• St. Patricks day
• New events
• New active skill mods

Remodelled Map:

In update 1.11.8 the last day on earth map has been remodelled to accommodate all the new events and locations which have been introduced after the original map design was put into place.
Because of these changes some key locations such as Motel, Gas station, Blackport PD have been moved to different locations. Blackport police department is accessible by any old players who have already gone to it prior to this update otherwise new players will be required to visit a new watchtower to the south east to unlock the location, it has a completed generator at the watchtower in a Crashed police car.
Burning pre-made base.
As of update 1.11.8 all premade bases have been reset: loot does not re-spawn if looted prior to this update, however once visited leaving the location will begin a 12 hour timer before the location disappears.

St. Patricks day:

For the event of St. Patrick’s day 2 items have been added to the store.
• “Irish pack” can be Bought up to 12 times, common items in it include Patty’s hat, 10 military notebooks ( hard mode Specialist items), 2 C4, military backpack, 10 med kits and 50 coins, the pack also includes a very rare 100 coins and 2 extremely rare items which are the chopper fork and gas tank (pack prices vary)
• “Green outfit” can be bought once and contains 50 coins, a full set of tactical armour, 20 strong alcohol, Patty’s hat and a Mannequin which can be placed at home base and can put a set of armour onto it for Display (weapon rack for armour basically) Patty’s hat gives 5 armour and can also be obtained from the dealer trades as an item for trade occasionally During the event (will stay with players after the event ends)

New Events:

Five new events have been introduced in 1.11.8 all which are triggered by something at the home base, next to the broken truck.
• “bear hunting” a puppy will be roaming around pickup truck and when approached it will run out of your Home map and an event will spawn named “edge of forest”, once you enter you will be greeted by an AI Equipped with a modded bow, he will assist you with killing the young bear ( 500 hp low damage output, drops 4 meat and 2 leather) Once you kill the bear you can collect the puppy and loot the bears cave which can give a baseball bat with Active skill mod equipped, survivors diary, energy drink and some other various items.

• “protecting wounded soldier” there will be an injured soldier resting up against your

Wounded soldier.

pickup truck and upon Interacting he will require a bandage to be healed, once you give him a bandage roaming zombies will spawn nearby and start heading towards the injured soldier whilst he is recovering so the player has to protect him for A short period of time while he heals and then states he owes you one and stumbles away.

• “Jacks base” an AI with tier 2 reinforced armour equipped with a machete will show up

Jacks’ base.

near your pickup truck; He will ask you to come and help him then run off, an event will spawn called Jacks base and upon arriving Jack will be at spawn and ask you to help him kill the roaming zombies which are spread throughout his small Base (he will do all the work) once the zombies are gone he will ask you to protect him while he repairs several walls in his base, when his base is repaired he will thank you but then suddenly runs off realising the horde is coming through again and he didn’t make level 3 walls (they will ignore you) after the horde passes you are free to loot the single chest in his base which can give an energy drink and some other various items.

• “The crashed drone” when you head over to the broken truck you’ll see a broken quad-copter on the floor with 1HP left, after interacting with it you will find a new location on your map. This event has the same icon as the destroyed convoy, once you enter the location you’ll see a raider there who wants your help to guard him whilst he loots the convoy, the first few spots he travels to will have nothing and you’ll just need to kill a few roaming zombies and fast biters, at the final spot after killing the Deadface mini boss (very easy) he will turn on you and attack, he’s pretty easy to kill, after killing him you can loot the truck yourself and get an energy refill drink, a med kit, a stop sign and a couple cans of beans and water.

New active skill mods:

Several new active skill mods were introduced for weapons:

Saw Blade Mace with the engine mod.
– Zip gun with improved revolver base
– Knife attachment for AK-47
– Powerful plank for makeshift bat
– Engine for saw blade mace
So far I have been unable to complete any of the mods so unfortunately I’m not able to give any information about how their stats are affected.

Other changes:

The tactical backpack is now available from the survival guide free version, those who have already completed the survival guide will not get a chance to redo it, so the sector 7 tasks and the special forces pack remain the only way for existing players to get it.

A wardrobe has been introduced to the game which can be crafted for:

Wardrobe crafting recipe.
– 5 iron plates,
– 12 thick fabric,
– 18 glue,
– 20 pine planks,
– 12 tape and
– 10 nails
 You can place a max of 1 wardrobe in your base, and it can be placed on any level floor. The wardrobe enables the user to change their appearance, gender and name but requires 25 coins to do so each time (to counter gender trick)
Hostile AI players have also been introduced at airdrop events who will drive around on their chopper attempting to ram the player. You can kill the AI, but you cannot steal his bike if you do not yet have one.
As Always thank you all for reading, we hope you found this overview helpful. If you have any questions or want to see us cover anything else then please let us know in the comments section below
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