Greetings Explorers! Once again we have a themed Strike Event hitting our maps today and as usual it is not for the faint hearted. An advanced level Strike Tower consisting of three unique hybrids at various levels. Whilst not the hardest trio there is, two of our opponents have the ability to dodge and the other certainly packs a punch when it comes to damage. Lets see what we can do to dispatch these terrifying creatures and reap the rewards we seem to have been missing yesterday.



Erlidominus (23),Thoradolosaur (24), Indoraptor (25).

Huge Thank You to our artist Orange Heart for once again creating this beautiful graphic below!



Going by Strike Tower history we all know that AI in this game can sometimes be really lucky. As there are two creatures in this tower who have the ability to cloak/evasive it’s probably best you have some sort of nullifying creature on your team because if all of those dodges work every time then i’m not sure even the best of plaers would be able to come out top. Not currently knowing the order of the creatures means knowing what to start with is a struggle. However if you have Magnapyritor in your collection this could potentially be a good starting point as it has nullify and distracting moves to help remove your opponents cloak and distract from Thors huge amounts of damage. It also carries the added bonus of being immune and therefore won’t be susceptible to Thors stun if it happens to use Instant Charge.

Erlidominus is fast and can hit you with a huge amount of damage, however none of its moves are armor peircing or defense shattering and therefore if you have a creature with a lot of armor or one who can raise a shield this bird should be easily dispatched. Creatures Like Stegodeus, Tragodistis and Alankylosaurus should all hold up well enough againt this modestly leveled unique. If you have a level 23 Dracoceratops or above you can swap in and on shot Erlidominus before it even has a chance to make a move.

As i’ve previously mentioned Thor has huge Defense Shattering moves that have the ability to destroy allthe shields I have mentioned in defence of Erlidom, if you do put one of these creatures on your team. Please don’t try to use them up against Thor. Magnapyritor is a very good counter to thor as not only is it faster and therefore can act first, but it can it distract and get rid of some of that damge Thor deals. Finally Magna is also immune so if the AI happens to use it priority move of Instant Charge, there is no chance Magna can be stunned. If you don’t own magna, other distracting dinos can certainly be useful Dilloracheirus, and for lower level players Procerathomimus, and of course not forgetting your own Thor! especially if it’s a higher level.

And Finally for Indo, combining both the evasive moves and defense shattering moves there are a numer of readily available counters. First off Monostegotops is the ideal counter especially if the AI doesn’t use evasive, you can slow, stun (and pray that the stun works) and then finish that indo off with your nullifying impact move. Again again however try not to rely on RNG and calculate how much damage your own level of each dino will do before hitting and hoping for the best. Suchotator is also a pretty solid counter for this one, It can slow, bleed and nullify that evasive stance. AI has been known to previously use cleansing impact as it’s opening move and if this is the case again the indo won’t be abe to get rid of that Damage Over Time for a few turns.

All else fails or you don’t have dinos above 20, try to use distracting creatures, creatures who can bleed and nullify and also use your own evasive moves.



Should you be successful, you’ll be rewarded with an epic incubator, containing creatures that have been featured in this weeks event. Quantities will be based on your current player level.

Parting Words

This strike event will ve difficult for low level players, however it isn’t quite as difficult as a boss event and the AI isn’t always the smartest therefore you may succeed with a bit of luck and some calculations beforehand.

Let us know in the comments below what worked for you!


Special thanks to our recent addition Bart for collating all the information above.


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