Welcome back Explorers! Today we’ve got a real interesting and challenging strike event. We’ll be facing a duo of fearsome bleeders, and I’d call it at least moderately difficult for players with dinosaurs around level 20, and still doable (with a little luck) for players who have teams around level 15.

Enemy List
Spinosaurus (30), Spinosaurus Gen 2 (30)
Once again, we’ve got an amazing infographic thanks to our amazing artist Orange Heart!


Now, the best strategy for dealing with bleeders normally is using cleansing moves and immunity, but if you don’t have immune dinosaurs up in the 20ish range, you’re going to have a lot of trouble doing enough damage to take out two level 30 dinosaurs. After all, both of these beasts are hefty, with 4741 total health for each one.

So if you’ve got a level 20 Dimetrodon, or a level 20 Proceratomimus, or even a fresh Magnapyritor, Tryostronix, or Postimetrodon, those are all really good choices. Lay into these bleeders with all you’ve got, and maybe bring along a Dracoceratops or a Dracorex Gen 2 for a final blow.

But for you lower-level players, we’ve got a strategy that will work (with a little luck).

So let’s dive into it.

Low-Level Counter Guide: What You’ll Need

To pull this strategy off, you’ll need the following.

Any level Proceratomimus
Level 13 or higher Suchotator
Any Level Dimorphodon or Suchomimus
Any level Dimodactylus or Spinotahraptor or Spinotahsuchus

The fourth position on this chart is really pretty flexible. What you need is a bleeder with faster than 122 speed and with either Gashing Wound or Lethal Wound. So a few dinosaurs fit that bill.

Low-Level Counter Strategy

Here’s how this should go.

Spinosaurus Gen 2 (the Epic Spino) should lead off with Rampage, Lethal Wound, then Rampage. So what you’re going to do is lead with your Suchotator.

  • Turn one, use Instant Distract to limit the rampage damage.
  • Turn two, use Lethal wound on Spino Gen 2. It will lethal wound you as well, and as long as there were no critical hits, you should survive 1 tick of damage.
  • Turn three, swap to Dimorphodon or Suchomimus. You will add an additional .25 lethal damage and that will kill Spino gen 2.

Now, Spinosaurus will enter the scene. You want to lead your other Lethal Wounder (Dimodactylus, Spinotahraptor, Spinotasuchus)

  • Turn one, use lethal wound.
  • Turn two, if your dino died, bring out Proceratomimus and use instant distraction. If not, use any damage move and let it die.
  • Turn three, if your dino died, bring out Proceratomimus and use instant distraction. If you used ID last turn, use Distracting Rampage and it’s dead.

Again, the biggest thing that can go wrong here is Spinosaurus Gen 2 could lead with a lethal wound (which would be very bad) or critically hit Suchotator on lethal wound or on rampage (5% chance but still). In these cases, a higher level suchotator will cushion the blow, or you may have to bring in the fourth dinosaur early to save your match (and still you may not be able to save it).


If you beat this strike, you’ll be rewarded thousands of coins and an Epic Incubator based off of your current player level.

Parting words

This strike is a bit dicey for lower level players, but because neither spino breeds have immunity, it should be doable with some smart bleeding right back and some immunity to cover the return fire.
As always, let us know in the comments how this worked for you!

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